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  • New Wonder Girls Video (featuring the School Gyrls!)

    Posted on 01/27/2012 by Lisa

    The Wonder Girls' new video, "The DJ is Mine" features another girl group you've seen on TeenNick -- the School Girls. Check it out:

    I bet that DJ is pretty psyched to have so many cute girls fighting over him. :)

    The Wonder Girls special is coming... Thursday, Feb 2 at 8pm et, only on TeenNick.

  • School Gyrls coming soon!

    Posted on 03/17/2010 by Chairman Nick Cannon

    Chairman Nick Friends! Romans! What's poppin', it's been a minute! A chairman is a busy thing, lemme tell you. My calendar reminders are going off like popcorn kernels. But I wanted to drop in real quick and remind y'all that my girls (...or should I say my gyrls...) the School Gyrls, will be on TeenNick this Friday night at 9p et.

    I'm proud of that movie... it's one of my own special projects. So you'll see me hangin' with those ladies, probing their minds with my incisive questions during the breaks.

    And uh... you've already been told Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy are up in that masterpiece, right? Well, you've been told now. So it's your duty... your responsibility to yourSELF... to make sure your butt is on that couch Friday night. We straight? Good.

    Keep it locked! I miss you, boos! I'll be back soon!

    - Chairman Nick