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  • Degrassi Crash Course: Season 10

    Posted on 07/14/2012 by Lisa

    Season ten had so many amazing episodes that it was really hard for me to pick a few favorite moments. I did my best to narrow it down, but if you have other favorites, please share them in the comments. I'm not here to fight, I'm here to EDUCATE future fans of this amazing show.

    My personal season ten highlights include the episodes where Adam came out as transgender. I thought those episodes were mindblowing, and I think I may have cried more at them than I've EVER cried at any other TV episode (except maybe when J.T. was stabbed, but it's a close call). I LOVE Jordy Todosey, and I am so glad she does such an amazing job bringing Adam to life.

    I was also seriously impressed by Jenna's pregnancy storyline. I get the feeling a lot of people still think of Jenna as a "boyfriend stealer," but I can't even imagine going through what she went through. I wish I could give that girl a hug.

    One Degrassi moment that I will never forget -- because of how scary it was AND how people reacted to it -- was the scene where Eli crashed his hearse. To me, that was a sign of his mental illness, and that he really needed to get help. I was so disturbed to see people online talking about it as if it was a romantic gesture. If the teenagers of the world learn anything from Degrassi, I hope it's this: If a guy crashes a car to impress you, it doesn't mean he loves you -- it means he needs to be on medication.

    I take Degrassi very seriously, and I know you guys do, too. Share your own personal highlights from season ten of Degrassi in the comments. Tell future Degrassi fans what makes this show so special!