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  • The Music of Degrassi: "About A Girl"

    Posted on 08/02/2013 by baileyb2112

    In this week's episode, we watched relationships change. Friendships were tested, couples fell apart, and new love grew. Fittingly, an eclectic soundtrack served as the backdrop for all of this drama!

    Find out which tunes played during your favorite scenes with the full list of songs from "About A Girl:"

    Relient K: "Lost Boy"
    Fake Shark--Real Zombie!: "Yes Yes No No"
    Genevieve Toupin: "Quelque Part"
    Brigitte Saint-Aubin: "Forever"

    And don't forget to check out the Degrassi playlist on TeenNick's Spotify, where you can jam out to some of the best songs of this season so far!

    French artist Genevieve Toupin's version of "Quelque Part" fills the background of this awkwardly romantic moment between Alli and Leo!

  • Degrassi Wrap-Up: 'About A Girl'

    Posted on 08/02/2013 by Rachel1016

    It's hard to believe that with every new episode of Degrassi we inch closer and closer to the summer's end. The summer season, both on-screen and in our real life (as much as we'd like to consider Degrassi real life), is moving with breakneck speed, but the excitement and tension continues to stack like an NFL pileup!

    As always, if you haven't seen the new episode, watch it here,because we'll spoil you worse than Vernon and Petunia!

    Adam and Becky's jealousy issues emerged in the season premiere, but this week it all came to a head when Adam, after seeing a few pictures of Becky and shirtless-Bible-study-chauffeur Todd, started to suspect the worst. Sure, it's dangerously easy to misinterpret a photo on the Internet, but there is nary a state of jealousy in which it is OK to hack into someone's account, pose as them, and write a kiss-off message to an individual who didn't technically do anything wrong. Right? Oh man, Adam, what were you thinking? Your plan completely skirted the real issue and boasted a 100% probability of getting back to Becky. I mean, far be it from us to suggest that Becky was in the right by posting those semi-suggestive photos with Todd, but we sure hope you can bounce back from this one.

    We've been waiting for a few weeks now to see where Alli and Leo's relationship will go. This episode, Alli started to suspect her feelings for Leo were moving too fast, and she took extra precautions to ensure she wouldn't go too far. Enter: date crashers, Jenna and Connor, who were enlisted to keep the, erm, desire to a minimum. Generally confused by the surprise guests, Leo unknowingly started to talk about intimacy, and Connor said something about being repulsed by sex. An awkward moment ensued, and it seemed as though Asperger's got the best of Connor's good intentions. Thankfully, though, all ended well for Alli and Leo as they whispered sweet nothings in French and shared a pinky swear, the ultimate romantic vow.

    It's no secret that half of this episode showed Miles and Zoe lockin' lips, but in what universe is it acceptable to be making out in a classroom? I know everyone is a little more affectionate in Europe, but puh-lease! The Miles/Zoe incessant make-out session started to really upset Tristan, and when Maya tried to speak up for him, she in turn embarrassed and really upset him. Maya seemed genuinely remorseful, but her feelings for Miles (and potentially Miles' feelings for her) still seem questionable, as much as Maya may never want to reveal them for Tristan's sake. Her slip of the tongue didn't seem an irreparable infraction against Tristan, but we all know how love can cloud reason. Maybe he just needs time?

    Now it's time to hear from you! What did you all think of last night's episode? The comment section is ready and waiting!

  • Degrassi Sneak Peek: "About A Girl"

    Posted on 07/30/2013 by baileyb2112

    Even though Adam and Becky are forced to do long distance, they can make it through anything...right? 

    In this sneak peek of Thursday's episode, Adam has a romantic digital date planned for Becky, complete with pizza and candlelight. But wait--who invited the shirtless stranger?! Check out this first look of "About A Girl" and catch the full episode this Thursday at 9 PM ET on TeenNick!

  • The Music of Degrassi: My Own Worst Enemy

    Posted on 07/26/2013 by baileyb2112

    It's time again to listen to the sweet sounds of The Music of Degrassi. My Own Worst Enemy featured some fun pop, a little hip-hop and A LOT of jaunty French tunes. Enjoy a few of these new additions on the updated Spotify playlist, created for your listening pleasure!

    Here's the full list of songs featured in this week's episode: 

    • Inna MODJA: "French Cancan"
    • Dirty Radio: "Head Go Wild"
    • Relient K: "If I Could Take You Home"
    • Dear Rouge: "Thinking About You"
    • Tal: "Le Sens De La Vie"

    Watch how Dirty Radio's "Head Go Wild" brings Tristan and Miles closer together!

  • Degrassi Wrap-Up: 'My Own Worst Enemy'

    Posted on 07/26/2013 by Rachel1016
    It's no secret that Degrassi has a tendency to trigger an emotional avalanche in all of us. Really, it's something we should be used to by now, but don't you think that last night's episode ran the gamut of feels? We saw everything from elation to devastation, and after taking a beat to process, it's time to break it all down. If you haven't seen the episode yet, watch it online, because you only get one spoiler warning! And that was it!

    Clare's MRI results marked a MONDO triumph this episode. You know, the smiley-face-with-a-single tear kind of triumph  :`) When Clare's mom gave the good news, it was as if a giant weight had been lifted, and it felt like the first time Clare was truly happy the entire season! But remember that time Clare decided to concoct a hospital escape plan with Drew? Yeah, probably won't file that one under "Best Ideas Clare's Ever Had." She deserved that flicker of normalcy, but at the very moment Clare ripped away the medical wiring and stepped out of her hospital gown, she put her health in serious jeopardy. Dare we forget the camper who coughed in her face? Or the fact that she upchucked in the middle of the Degrassi camp obstacle course? She's not in the clear, and I sure hope her momentary lapse doesn't have lasting effects.

    We've seen Alli make questionable decisions because of boys before, and this episode saw her almost repeating the same mistake. After neglecting to visit the Louvre (and instead visiting the Leo), Alli nearly flunked her French presentation. She was lucky enough to have Madame grant her a make-up assignment, but with a planned date getting in the way AGAIN (girl, your timing is impeccable!), she hoped her romantic evening might include an ever-so convenient trip to the museum. Well, Leo thought Alli was taking advantage of him for homework, and Alli realized it was high-time she think about balancing her Parisian adventures with her academic obligations. Lucky for her, though, Leo is some kind of wonderful and they swiftly made up (not least not yet)! Off to the Louvre, for REAL!

    Last episode, Tristan entered the friend zone with Miles. At the time, it wasn't immediately clear (though one could make an educated guess) that Trist was interested in Miles as more than friends. But this episode, not only did Tristan attempt to kiss Miles (who politely did not reciprocate), but he found Zoe playing, er, "sit on Santa's lap" with Miles. And until this moment, it seemed like Tristan really thought he had a shot. It remains to be seen exactly what Miles Hollingsworth III wants, but one thing's for sure, he is in high demand, y'all.

    Alright, it's time for us to sign-off and time for you to sound off! In the comments!
  • Degrassi Sneak Peek: 'My Own Worst Enemy'

    Posted on 07/23/2013 by Rachel1016

    The City of Light? The City of Love? Either/or? All the above?

    Things are heating up in Paris! An all-new episode of Degrassi airs this Thursday at 9PM ET on TeenNick, and we've got a first look! Check out a sneak peek and start making your predictions!

  • The Music of Degrassi

    Posted on 07/19/2013 by baileyb2112

    Ever wonder which carefully chosen tunes fill Degrassi's halls and heighten the drama of the show's most intense moments? Look no further! We now give you The Music of Degrassi: a comprehensive list of the songs featured in each new episode.
    But you didn't think we'd leave you to scour the interwebs for these jams, did you? Head over to TeenNick's new Spotify account after each episode and stream the Degrassi 13 playlist ! Each week, we'll add all of the music featured in the newest episode that's available on Spotify, eventually creating the perfect soundtrack for A Whole New Degrassi! 

    Check out the songs featured in the season premiere, "Summertime," AND the latest episode, "All I Wanna Do"! Warning: these tunes may make you want to cry, smile or break out into song!
    • Lisa Donnelly -- "Little Devil"
    • Jennifer Hershman -- "Don't Want to Feel Your Lows So Heavy"
    • Kyle Richardson -- "So Hot it Hurts"
    • Born Ruffians -- "Permanent Hesitation"
    • Death and a Cure -- "When It All Goes South"
    • Mree -- "Lift Me Up"
    • Tupelo Honey -- "Can't Stop"
    All I Wanna Do
    • Tal -- "Rien n'est Parfait"
    • Other Lives -- "Tamer Animals"
    • Brooke Turner -- "Life of the Party"
    • Cajsa Siik -- "Plastic House"
    Cajsa Siik's "Plastic House" makes this emotional moment between Eli and Clare even more special!

  • Degrassi Wrap-Up: 'All I Wanna Do'

    Posted on 07/19/2013 by Rachel1016

    "Paris, Maya. We are in Paris." This week, the jet-setting half of the gang took on their first day in The City of Light, while the homebound Degrassians visited a cancer-fighting, wig-rocking Clare at the hospital. The kids managed to keep some of the premiere drama at bay, but the plot is nonetheless starting to thicken in every direction! As always, if you haven't seen the episode, watch it here, because we've got spoilers! And let's be real, no one likes a spoiled child.

    Tristan arrived in Paris loaded with his inimitable style and zingy one-liners (my new life motto might be "Find an amazing blazer, and then love"). But despite readying himself to relish in cappuccinos and charcuterie (that's *ahem* French for "cheese plate"), Tristan revealed a major insecurity about Miles finding out he's gay. He even went so far as to enlist Maya into pretending they were dating. But unsurprisingly, he almost gagged when they kissed, and Trist swiftly realized he wasn't fooling a soul.

    But here's what I didn't see coming: Miles approached Tristan about the whole situation, and reassured him that he didn't care. I mean, all previous concert/whiskey/pool hi-jinks aside, can we trust that Miles is being genuine and honest? Also, considering the fact that Tristan made eyes at Miles once (or maybe twice...), could Miles be the "he" to whom Tristan refers in his selfie confessional? Is there potential for Trist to take part in a, well, tryst? What does this mean for the potential Miles/Maya/Zoe love triangle? Am I brain dumping? Oh, Degrassi, you have your work cut out for you!

    Armed with big plans of her own, Alli kicked off her Parisan journey by venturing off into the city solo. Wishing Clare was with her IRL, she toted around an amazing cardboard face kabob of her BFF presumably (obviously) to make sure Clare wasn't missing in any Instagram pictures. Alli quickly found herself doing less touring and more, erm, troubleshooting, though, as the language barrier, a broken heel, and a mugging attempt got the best of her. But then, a cute Parisian boy came to her rescue. Naturally! He saved her phone, he showed her the ways of the city, he fixed her cup of coffee (okay, adding sugar isn't that ground-breaking), and, oh, right, he was really CAYUTE. Guys, even though Alli got off to a rough start, she's already half-fulfilled every girl's Parisian dream. Thinks are looking up, am I right? Am I right.

    Clare and Eli started to navigate the changing circumstances of their relationship this episode. Clare's experience with cancer became more real with every moment, from the mundane triggers like watching Zoe on a stretcher in an episode of "West Drive," to courageously shaving her head, to insecurities about what Eli might think of the physical changes her body will start to go through. There was no sugar coating here, but Clare is doing her darndest to wade through it all. And despite that other patient's warning about fleeting boyfriends, Eli has been a dream, don't you think? Plus, Clare looked smokin' in that blonde wig and Eli seems to be all about it. Uh huh, honey!

    Phew, that's enough from me. What did you all think of this episode? Sound off in the comments!
  • Degrassi Extra Credit: Aislinn Paul Reacts To 'Summertime'

    Posted on 07/18/2013 by Rachel1016
    Looking for a little something extra sweet? How about some Degrassi Extra Credit for all you extra loyal Degrassi fans? Watch Aislinn Paul (Clare) react to the latest episode, "All I Wanna Do" in this exclusive video.

    And just in case you missed the all-new episode, you can watch it here!

  • Sneak Peek of Degrassi: "All I Wanna Do"

    Posted on 07/16/2013 by baileyb2112

    Bonjour, Paris!

    Degrassi takes Paris in an all-new episode this Thursday at 9PM ET on TeenNick! This city of love is bound to be full of adventure, romance and a lot of drama. Check out a sneak peek and see what surprises the city will have in store!