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  • Degrassi Crash Course: Season 5

    Posted on 07/09/2012 by Lisa

    It's Degrassi Crash Course week on TeenNick! If you're new to Degrassi, we'll bring you up to speed. If you're trying to introduce your friends to the best show on TV, we'll do our best to make them fans, too. We've picked a few highlight episodes to show on air, but since so much goes on every season, we want the blog posts to be educational, too!

    Some of my favorite storylines from season five, and the ones I'd talk about if I were describing Degrassi to someone new, include:

    When Manny flashed her boobs at Peter, the guy her best friend had a crush on at the time. And of course, he videotaped that flashing, and showed the whole school. Yikes.

    The Ellie-Craig-Manny love triangle. The highlight of Manny and Ellie's fight for Craig's attentions took place when they were all performing on stage together and Ellie threw a drumstick at Manny's head. Hasn't everyone wanted to throw a drumstick at someone's head at one point or another? I think we all got to live vicariously through Ellie in that moment.

    Palex! It was exciting that Kevin Smith came to Degrassi to shoot a movie, but I was more interested in the relationship that developed between Paige and Alex while Kevin Smith was in town. Were they Degrassi's cutest lesbian couple ever? I vote yes.

    What are your favorite moments from season five? Share them in the comments to educate the Degrassi newbies, and watch Degrassi Crash Course all week long on TeenNick! (Next week: New Degrassi!! Eeeeee!!)