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  • Degrassi Crash Course: Season 8

    Posted on 07/12/2012 by Lisa

    I think of season eight as the season of the Shep. Remember that guy? And remember how Clare took him down? She seemed so shy and quiet at first, but season eight proved that she's "more than just the smart one."

    I was such a Klare fan during season eight. They were so young, and so cute. *Sigh*

    I also loved that Jane made the football team. That showed how strong she was physically, and later in the season, as she worked to overcome sexual abuse, she demonstrated her emotional strength. I love everything about that girl.

    Another storyline I loved during season eight was Riley's struggle with his sexuality. From trying to kiss Peter to experimenting with steroids, Riley went through a lot that season. I wish I could time-travel back to give him a hug (and show him a few "It gets better" videos).

    What were your favorite moments and/or storylines from season eight? Share them in the comments, and keep watching Degrassi Crash Course all week on TeenNick!