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  • Degrassi Crash Course: Season 9

    Posted on 07/13/2012 by Lisa

    Season nine kicked off with the arrival of two rich kids, Declan and Fiona Coyne, at Degrassi. At first they seemed out of place, but this brother and sister made a real impact on the school.

    Declan created an award-winning musical (and stirred up lots of romantic drama among his classmates) and Fiona faced one struggle after another as she tried to figure out where she belonged. Here's a hint, Fiona... when your life has that much drama, you DEFINITELY belong at Degrassi!

    I loved the relationship between Johnny DiMarco and Alli Bhandari. I have a weakness for "opposites attract" storylines. At first, he seemed like a bad boy, and she seemed like a good girl, but by the time she runs away in season ten, it seems like he has his life together, and hers is a mess. That strikes me as very realistic (people change a lot, and sometimes the changes happen fast), so I really like their story.

    Another moment that I love from season nine is when Clare steals a story from Declan's life because she feels like her own life is too boring. At the time, I sort of felt sorry for her, but knowing how things turn out, I love this reminder that Clare once had a boring life Little did she know that she'd have all sorts of dramatic relationships, that her parents would divorce, and that she'd leave home to live with drug dealers!

    The weirdest thing about rewatching Degrassi is that we already know the characters' futures. It's weird, isn't it? I'm looking forward to next week, when we'll have NEW DEGRASSI! In the meantime, Degrassi Crash Course continues tomorrow. :)