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  • Skyler Day (Maggie from Gigantic) Interview!

    Posted on 11/17/2010 by Mary

    Skyler Day on TeenNick's Gigantic Has your experience been anything like Maggie's? Do you relate to her struggle to make it in Hollywood?
    Definitely. I've been doing the acting thing since I was 10; I'm 19 now. It's definitely tough. And Maggie has this need to do it. Which made it easy to play her, because I have this love for the acting business and could never imagine myself doing anything else. And when you love something so much, it pulls you through. Even though it's hard sometimes because there's so much rejection that goes along with it. There's more rejection than success.

    Yeah, and when you're at such a tender age and you're so sensitive -- did your parents try to protect you from the pain of that rejection and have to give you pep talks?
    Yeah, there would be times when I would come home crying because a casting director was just flat out like, "I don't like you." And I'd let it get to me for a while. It's disheartening... there are the few that want to help and the few that just don't care and don't take into account what you're feeling. And we'd be driving home and my mom would say, "That's just some people. You can't let that determine how the rest of your acting career is going to go." My parents have definitely been those people who are constantly pepping me up. Same with my brother.

    I read in your bio that your whole family moved out to LA with you so you could act.
    Yes! I lived in Atlanta, GA -- well, a small town outside of it, no one ever knows what Cumming, GA is. And I made a deal with my family that said, if I book the lead in a movie by the time I'm 11, then we have to move out to California. It was a joke that I had with my parents, "I'm gonna book something before my birthday!" And I booked The Adventures of Ociee Nash two weeks after my birthday and I remember going, "Well, it still counts!"

    It took us a little while, but it was my 13th birthday when we crossed the border into California. Me and my twin brother and my sister and my mom and dad. We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies with our dog and our lizards and everything we owned in our van. It was an amazing spontaneous thing that my family did with me.

    How did your brother and sister feel about this deal?
    I mean, it was just a joke! And then when I did book something I was like, "Well, actually... this could work." My sister was all for it, my brother not so much at first. But now he's a surfer and a musician and he loves California.

    So, do you think it would bother you if paparazzi showed up and accosted you somewhere or would you find it kind of exciting?
    I think I would find it kind of exciting -- at first. I'm sure it gets old. But I think it would be interesting -- you never get lonely! You always have company, which would be nice if you ever need an extra quarter in the meter.

    Yeah, "Does anyone have a band-aid?"