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  • TeenNick Top 10: Spring Breakdown with Karmin & Tori Kelly!

    Posted on 04/10/2014 by baileyb2112

    Finally...the snow has melted, the weather's warming up, and you're having a really hard time focusing in any of your classes. All of this can only mean one thing: It's time for SPRING BREAK!

    This week on TeenNick Top 10, Nick Cannon is bringing you his Spring Breakdown, a countdown of ten perfectly chosen songs to make sure you have the Best Spring Break Ever!!! These are the songs that will make you wanna hang out with your friends, dance all night and bask in the warm weather as you enjoy those precious days away from school.

    Tune in this Friday at 10pm ET to find out which artists and videos will make it onto the Chairman's playlist, and don't forget to check out TeenNick Top 10's Spotify playlist to jam out to all of Nick Cannon's picks, plus tons more countdown nominees!

    If you STILL don't have enough reasons to tune in, prepare yourself for special visits from Karmin AND Fresh Artist Tori Kelly! You don't want to miss this one.

    Until then, find out how to do Spring Break the right way with The Do's and Don'ts of Spring Break and, for those of you without any tropical travel plans, Five Great Ways to Spend Spring Break at Home!

    TeenNick Top 10


    Until then, don't forget about TNT10's Spotify playlist--an epic mix featuring all of the songs nominated for this week's countdown!

    So who will be this week's #1?? Tune in this Friday at 10 PM ET to find out! And don't forget to give us your best guesses in the comments below!

  • Best Spring Break Ever: The Do's And Don'ts of Spring Break

    Posted on 03/28/2014 by Rachel1016

    Sure, you know how to live it up, but are you doing it right?!

    Here at TeenNick, we're all about bringing you the Best Spring Break Ever. And even though a week off means time to relax and let loose, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Spring break can come and go in a flash, so no matter where you go or what you do this year, heed our spring break wisdom and make the most out of it!

    DO: Fill up on your favorite foods.

    Do's and Don'ts of Spring Break

    DON'T: Fight your best friend over meatloaf.

    Do's and Don'ts of Spring Break

    DO: Read that book you've always been meaning to check out.

    Do's and Don'ts of Spring Break

    DON'T: Throw an out-of-control party while your parents are away.

    Do's and Don'ts of Spring Break

    DO: Spend all of your time eating junk food. (But don't tell anyone we told you.)

    Do's and Don'ts of Spring Break

    DON'T: Be that guy on a plane.

    Do's and Don'ts of Spring Break

    DON'T: Be completely anti-social.
    Take time for yourself, but also make sure to catch up with friends and family!

    Do's and Don'ts of Spring Break

    DO: Something out of the ordinary! Go a little crazy!

    Do's and Don'ts of Spring Break

    And finally, DO tune in every Saturday for the next five weeks to catch TeenNick's Best Spring Break Ever! We're packing your Saturday's with the best adventure-themed episodes of Nick favorites like Victorious, iCarly, and Big Time Rush—reall, you don't want to miss out.

    Remember to follow us on Twitter @TeenNick to take our Best Spring Break Ever logo with you wherever you go, whatever you do! Send us your photos, and we'll put our favorites on air!

  • Five Great Ways To Spend Spring Break At Home!

    Posted on 03/21/2014 by Rachel1016 and baileyb2112

    Finally, spring break is upon us! No school, no homework, and for some of us…no plans.

    Are you staying home with the parents and little bro this break while all your friends take off to far-flung tropical islands? Don't suffer through one more Instagram of your BFF's selfie under the sun! It's time to see the opportunities that are right at your fingertips. Here are five ways to have the best spring break EVER at home!


    Spring Break At Home

    Why not make this year's spring break really count? Use your free time to volunteer and spread the HALO Effect in your hometown! Try visiting a nursing home or hospital to brighten someone's day. Help out at your local animal shelter, or if you live near a body of water, consider volunteering for environmental clean-up projects. If you love books, check out local libraries to see if they need volunteer help re-stocking items, or visit your old elementary school teachers and read to their current students! You'll feel really good about the way you're spending your free time and you'll get to help others along the way.


    Spring Break At Home

    You know that one time you pretended to love a movie, but had secretly never seen it? Well, it's time to grab your lightly buttered popcorn, get comfy that onesie, and hold you very own major motion picture event! Make a list of a few flicks you've been dying to see, then try to make it through several movies before taking a break. It is a marathon, after all! And the best part? You don't have to leave your couch!

    Spring Break At Home

    Maybe you've lived your whole life in one place… but never knew it was home to the World's Largest Ball of Twine. Or home to a museum filled with banana artifacts. Or a roller coaster graveyard! Whether you live in a bustling city or an idyllic small town, there are bound to be hidden gems you've yet to discover. Do a little research, get a move on in the landmarks around your hometown, and see your city through a new lens!


    Spring Break At Home

    Instead of spending the day on the couch watching cooking shows, make a trip to the store for some fresh ingredients to make your own gourmet dishes at home. Check out online recipes and cooking videos to teach yourself to cook like a pro; you may be surprised by what you can make in your own kitchen! Once you've completed your delicious creations, take a photo to share it on social media (#foodie) to impress your friends with your new skills!

    Spring Break At Home

    Because we all deserve a little tender loving care sometimes…without spending major $$$. Head over to your local convenience store and pick up some candles, a loofa, and bubble bath. Put on that new Lea Michele record, and indulge! It's been a long winter, you're due for some pampering.

    We couldn't resist leaving you with one bonus pro-tip from yours truly! No matter where you'll be on your week off, we're packing your Saturdays for the next five weeks with all of your Nick favorites like Victorious, iCarly, and Big Time Rush. Don't miss the best adventure-themed episodes! And if you're really having the Best Spring Break Ever, follow us @TeenNick to take our Best Spring Break Ever logo with you wherever you go, whatever you do! Send us your photos, and we'll put our favorites on air!

  • Get Ready For The Best Spring Break Ever!

    Posted on 03/10/2014 by Rachel1016

    Best Spring Break Ever

    Are you so ready to shed your winter skin? Is it about time you traded in your snow shoes for some sunnies?

    Well, here at TeenNick, we want to make sure you spring into the season of color and renewal (and hopefully not allergies) with the Best Spring Break Ever! No matter where you'll be on your week off, we're packing your Saturdays from March 22nd through April 19th with all of your Nick favorites like Victorious, iCarly, and Big Time Rush!

    But the fun doesn't stop there! We want to show your epic spring break on air! Whether you're traveling to an exotic island, volunteering for those in need, or spending quality time with family and friends, we want YOU to send us pictures of your adventures! And we might put them on TV!

    Best Spring Break Ever

    It's super easy: Follow us @TeenNick and tweet us your spring break photos while holding our Best Spring Break Ever picture. Download and print the image right here, and take it with you wherever you go!