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  • Degrassi Takes on Teen Pregnancy in Honor of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day

    Posted on 05/01/2013 by TeenNick

    Here's an in-your-face fact: About 2,000 teen girls in the United States get pregnant every day. That means nearly 3 in 10 girls will become pregnant at least once by the age of 20. Eye opening, right?

    Degrassi fans know the show has always dealt with real issues in a frank and thoughtful manner. There's a cause and effect for all life choices, and the choices made around sex can change lives forever. In honor of National Day, tune in to TeenNick today starting at 4PM ET for a block of Degrassi episodes that show how different characters handle the consequences of sex.

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    Can't tune-in on Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day? Check out the related episodes, "Extraordinary Machine" and "Say It Ain't So," here.


    Sex can have serious consequences, whether you get pregnant or not. For Jenna and K.C., the repercussions included an unplanned pregnancy and the mental anguish of deciding whether or not to choose adoption. Watch "Extraordinary Machine" to see how they both struggled with that choice.

    For Alli and Dave, the consequences were stressful in a different way. In "Say It Ain't So," when Alli was offered a chance to enroll early at M.I.T., she didn't know if she was ready to leave Degrassi (and Dave) behind. That decision became a thousand times harder after she and Dave had unprotected sex, and Alli realized she might be pregnant.

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    Think you'd make smarter choices about sex than Jenna, K.C., Alli, and Dave did? Test your sex smarts with this quiz at Answer questions about how you'd react in different situations, and the quiz rates your decision-making abilities.

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  • What did Liberty and Jenna have in common?

    Posted on 05/04/2011 by Mary

    If you didn't already hear, today's the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. I know, every day should be the Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, but today's the day we make SURE we talk about it.

    On TeenNick, we're showing the episodes of Degrassi where Jenna, KC, Liberty, and JT faced those terrifying little pink lines: positive pregnancy tests.

    JT, Liberty, Jenna and KC -- characters from Degrassi who faced teen pregnancy
    JT, Liberty, Jenna, and KC are some of the Degrassi characters who have faced teen pregnancy

    One thing we've learned on Degrassi (or maybe you've learned it just by looking around at your high school) is that teen pregnancy isn't caused by being "a certain kind of person."

    Liberty and Jenna are pretty different characters -- the responsible, brainiac, "innocent" student council-er vs. the singing cheerleader who encouraged her boyfriend to cheat on his math test.

    And JT and KC have some major differences too (even if they both went by initials) -- the slightly dorky, happy-go-lucky jokester vs. the emotionally tortured, all-star jock with a brain.

    But they all have one major thing in common: they faced an unplanned pregnancy.

    Over on the website, they've got a "Myth Monsters" game to help you bust through the myths surrounding teen sex, birth control, and pregnancy. Or if you don't feel like going through the whole game, you can just check out their list of common myths like "Everyone is doing it" and "You can't get pregnant if..."

    To that list of myths, I just want to add...
    MYTH: "Only bad/bratty/boyfriend-stealer/promiscuous girls get pregnant."
    Pregnancy is a result of sex, not of "goodness" or "badness". Anyone who has unprotected or poorly protected sex can end up facing the same life-changing problem.

  • Teen pregnancy is preventable.

    Posted on 04/02/2010 by Mary

    Holly J said, "Sav's grown up enough to have sex; he's grown up enough to tell his parents he has a girlfriend."

    True that, and furthermore... if Sav and Anya are grown up enough to have sex, they're BOTH grown up enough to have made a much more thorough, concrete plan for how they were going to prevent a pregnancy -- a pregnancy that would deeply affect both of their lives -- instead of, like, a two sentence conversation two seconds before it happened.

    As they say at," Teen pregnancy is 100% preventable. (Unless it's the result of sexual violence.) What else can you say that about? Either don't have sex at all, or use protection every single time."