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  • Top 10 Degrassi School Event Moments

    Posted on 07/21/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    From prom to carnivals, to fashion shows to theme nights, school events at Degrassi guarantee a double dose of drama. Relive these iconic memories as Stefan Brogren (aka Principal Simpson) highlights his Top 10 Degrassi School Event Moments!

    1) "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Degrassi's 80's themed dance.

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    Jimmy as Michael Jackson... right before the break-dancing mishap.

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    Shooting this episode was a definite blast from the past. I loved seeing The Next Generation actors dressed up as icons from MY generation--and of course I nailed it as Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon. Right?

    2) "The Power Of Love" Degrassi goes Bollywood and the school catches fire.

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    Creating a real fire on the set of Degrassi was an adventure! My favorite part of the shoot? The entire school runs to safety, while Mr. Simpson is caught in the sprinklers. Great.

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    3) "West End Girls" Paige and Manny arrive in the same dress and Kevin Smith finally gets to take Caitlin Ryan to prom.

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    Degrassi has had its fair share of proms gone wrong--and this is definitely one of them. Manny's dress mishap and Paige's epic rant both culminate to make a next-level funny episode. Oh yeah, and guest star Kevin Smith is pretty funny too.

    4) "We Built This City" Natasha Bedingfield performs at Degrassi's prom.

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    One of the coolest parts of my job? Working with the many fantastic musicians featured on Degrassi. Special guest star Natasha Bedingfield sings "Pocketful of Sunshine" at Degrassi's prom and puts my real life prom memories to shame.

    5) "All Falls Down" -- Part 2 It's Vegas night and Degrassi goes into lockdown.

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    Vegas night at Degrassi equals the boiling point of season ten. After Alli goes to the boiler room with Owen, Holly J strips for Sav and Fitz pulls a knife on Eli--I realized that playing a principal is a lot easier than being one!

    6) "Dead And Gone" -- Part 2 Degrassi's prom night; Vince shoots Adam.

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    One of Degrassi's most dramatic events. Gun violence in schools was an important story we wanted to tell--and thanks to the incredibly talented cast, this episode stands out as a season eleven highlight to Degrassi fans... and me!

    7) "In The Cold Cold Night" -- Part 2 Fiona throws Degrassi's first ever Frostival Carnival, an unforgettable end-of-semester celebration.

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    If it's a first for Degrassi Community School; it's a first for all of us on set, too. Setting up and shooting a carnival in the studio's parking lot was a bit of a circus--but the final product made it all worthwhile. So did the free rides and cotton candy. Plus, this episode was one of our first glimpses at Fimogen. What's not to love?

    8) "Degrassi: The Time Of My Life" It's prom night at Degrassi; Eli and Clare win prom King and Queen and decide prom night is "the night."

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    My favorite past time? Rooting for EClare. So naturally I shed a tear (or two) when Clare doesn't accept her rightful title as Eli's prom queen. Luckily, they make up... and all is right in the world again.

    9) "You Got Me" It's Degrassi's Beach Bash! A sleepless Drew strips naked and jumps into a fake pool.

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    Degrassi's Beach Bash brings two words to mind. Luke Bilyk. Luke is always up to the challenge--even if that means stripping down to his boxers and falling in a wading pool!

    10) "Outta My Head" Degrassi's fashion show; Imogen makes a plea for Jack's heart.

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    In this heart-warming scene, Imogen makes a grand gesture at Degrassi's big fashion show to win Jack's forgiveness--and unveils her line of clothes made from recycled garbage? Respect.

    Do you have any favorite Degrassi school events? Shout 'em out in the comments! And don't forget to watch the Degrassi two-week finale event! Plus catch It Goes There: Degrassi's Most Talked About Moments on July 31st, where we'll count down the most iconic Degrassi moments ... with your favorite cast members from all fourteen seasons!

  • Pictures from the Degrassi Set!

    Posted on 07/16/2010 by Mary

    Just a few more short little days until Degrassi: Now or Never takes over your summer nights! Are you prepared for the all-consuming madness? I think I am. I think I can take it. I'm trying to up my cardio just in case.

    I went to the Degrassi set last week -- my first time! In nine years of writing about the show for this site! Here are some of the pics I managed to get my first day... I had a ton of other pics planned for the following day but spent it doubled over in pain in a hotel room instead (kidney stone, yay). Bummer = understatement of the century. Anyway, the first day was awesome enough for two:

    Justin Kelly, Jake from Degrassi, backstage Aislinn Paul and Munro Chambers backstage

    L: New boy! Justin Kelly, who plays Jake -- you'll meet him Tuesday night. He's a doll. Here, he pulls on a pre-tied tie because he couldn't quite get the knot done himself. R: @jbdegrassifan95 and @LongLiveEclare tweet-requested pics of Munro and Aislinn together... here you go :)

    Stefan Brogren's office nameplate at Epitome

    Stefan Brogren (aka Mr. Simpson and the director of tons of your favorite episodes) was directing the eps they shot while I was there; it seemed like a remarkably calm and fun affair considering how much they need to get done every day in order to make sooo many episodes for the summer -- it could so easily be a stress factory. Stefan called me The-Mary, which killed me, and he saved me a nice seat right in front of the monitors which I was too shy to actually take up for too long, and I can vouch that he is in fact a righteous homeboy, as his office nameplate attests.

    Panther, the Degrassi cat

    This is the Degrassi read-through room, where the actors first go through the new scripts together. And on the table is Panther, one of two cats wandering the office-y side of Epitome. Panther clearly feels that he deserves some time in front of the camera, and he is not wrong. The other cat, named Noggin, was more camera-shy.

    The-Mary and Munro Chambers, sassing up Fiona's condo

    @iTweetDegrassi tweet-dared me to go around the set posing like Munro in his Free the Children Haiti fundraiser video. Instead I got him to personally instruct me in the ways of the sassy lean and stare -- we're in Fiona's condo there, btw. Sorry about the quality -- so bummed that I didn't use my real camera for this one.

    Degrassi sunshine lounge poster

    Last Christmas' Degrassi poster, personally desecrated by the cast in the Sunshine Lounge (which is the room that the cast hang in when they're not needed on set).

    Ray Ablack in Degrassi's Sunshine Lounge

    At one point I walked past the Sunshine Lounge and saw Ray Ablack full-on sunshine-lounging on the pool table, texting. In a tux. Totes regular times.

    Degrassi's Aislinn Paul and Shannon Kook-Chun

    That's Aislinn Paul and Shannon Kook-Chun checking out Shannon's DSLR and talking about its tech specs, as they are both admitted full-on photo geeks.

    Some other random observations:
    - To those who don't already know: Shannon Kook-Chun (Zane) has a South African accent in real life. It's mesmerizing.
    - Munro and Aislinn (Eli and Clare) both rock Birkenstocks IRL. I support this wholeheartedly, and I felt very vindicated about the time I put Birks in a Thing Du Jour and people thought they were lamerz. Triumph!
    - Luke Bilyk and Alicia Josopovic (Drew and Bianca) have an almost supernatural simultaneous laugh thing going on -- they laugh the exact same way, at the same things, and at the exact same rate so it's literally like two voices doing the same laugh. They even switch speeds at the same time, like they move from "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" to "HAHAHAHA!" at the same time. Occasionally there are snorts. Great minds laugh alike. Also, they referred to themselves as "Danca" rather than "Drianca" -- controversy!
    - The lockers are all fully "dressed" on the inside (as in all look like a real student's locker inside, with pics and contents), but there's no particular locker that's always "Alli's locker" or "Adam's locker" -- they stand by whichever one works best for the shot they need. And the doors are compressed wood rather than metal -- quieter.
    - There is gum on the bottom of the desks in Ms. Dawes' classroom. Most likely from students who used to get bored to death at them in a real school. Just think: those students had no idea that their desks were destined to end up under Munro Chambers' butt. What noble and unpredictable fate might your school desks have?