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  • Should you be friends with your boyfriend's ex?

    Posted on 03/11/2010 by Mary

    Many people subscribe to the "Don't date your friends' exes" law of life. But: what about becoming friends with your bf/gf's ex? (What I Like About You, 11p et, btw.) Like the kind of friends who would have solo hang time and heart-to-hearts not in your bf/gf's company?

    Off limits? Or, if it's a case-by-case basis type thing, in what cases is it OK and in which cases is it not? (OK if your bf/gf did the breaking up? OK if the ex did the breaking up? OK if they 're still really good friends? OK if they're still decent-ish, not-great-but-whatever friends? OK if they don't really talk anymore? Only OK if your bf/gf says it's OK?)

  • Who's your back-up crush?

    Posted on 03/10/2010 by Mary

    I was just watching this scene from What I Like About You:

    Henry: When things get not-perfect, you start looking for other guys. With me, it was Vince. With Ben, it was Vince. Do you see a pattern?
    Holly: It's Vince!

    Haha, it's funny 'cause it's true! Aside from the details of the whole Holly-Vince storyline, I think a lottt of people have that one person that they keep turning back to whenever they start thinking their new bf/gf might be kind of eh... or when someone's treating them badly... or when they're just out of crushes and need someone to think about.

    Do you have an Old Faithful back-up crush?

  • Good Michelle vs. Bad Michelle

    Posted on 03/09/2010 by Lisa

    Good Michelle vs. Bad MichelleAnyone out there remember the Full House episode where "Good Michelle" and "Bad Michelle" both offer Michelle advice?

    Good Michelle wiggles her finger in a snobby way and says stuff like "Good girls always follow the rules."

    Bad Michelle wears a tiny biker jacket and says "Stick a sock in it, goody-pants." Of course I like Bad Michelle better. I seriously wish they'd wrestled it out though. Olsen twin vs. Olsen twin... that'd be better than WrestleMania.

    I just asked my inner voices for advice, and here's what they said:
    Good Lisa: "You've got lots of work to do. No time for distractions."
    Bad Lisa: "Stick a sock in it, worky-pants. Let's go to the park and look for cute boys with cute dogs."

    What do your conflicting inner voices say?

  • Previously, on Gigantic.

    Posted on 03/07/2010 by Mary

    Gigantic is back next Friday after Degrassi! If you haven't seen 'em all yet, you can go watch them now. Or just read this for the general gist!

    The cast of TeenNick's Gigantic
    The main cast of Gigantic. OK L-R that's Piper, Finn, Joey, Anna, Walt, and Vanessa.

    OK so, Anna and Walt Moore came back to Los Angeles after spending two years in Australia where their parents were filming some sort of gigantor big famous movie, because their parents are gigantor big famous people. Their friends Piper and Finn, also the children of different gigantor big famous person, were eager for their return. And Vanessa, their kind-of-sort-of-friend who no one really trusts because she's kind of a bitch also greeted them on arrival, stiffly, with fakey fake air kisses.

    Also eager for their return was Joey, the extremely attractive boy who has absolutely no famous parents and with whom Anna made out with RIGHT before she left for Australia for two years, and also with whom she exchanged actual letters on actual paper while she was away. So sweet.

    And now, Anna and Joey In a Nutshell: Right when the Moores got back to town, Joey found out that this girl he slept with while she was gone (Lulu Khandan, who is the daughter of a very powerful Hollywood agent) kind of sort of had his baby. Her family is pretending they adopted the baby, but Joey wants to be in his son's life and he's fighting for that right -- but he hasn't spilled the beans to Anna. So, the secretness of it all is making him act weird, which constantly causes Anna to think she's insane and that he doesn't actually like her, which... he totally likes her. Actually he loves her. And Anna totally loves him back, and they said it to each other, and whenever he's assured her that everything's cool and his weirdness has nothing to do with her, she's believed him.

    Finn, Anna, Vanessa, and Lulu from Gigantic on TeenNick
    L-R that's Finn, Anna, Vanessa, and Lulu from Gigantic

    Jo-Anna have been pretty solid in general; even when Anna's Australian boy toy Russell showed up in Los Angeles (Hiiii Russell) and seemed pretty bent on getting Anna back, Anna and Joey survived it. So things were looking awesome and Anna was in love and she was thinking OK, maybe I'm ready to cash in my v-card with this guy, and she had the perfect romantic night planned for them... but Joey and his conscience couldn't let it happen without explaining the whole "o hai also I technically have a baby" situation to her, which she basically freaked out about because, why had he hidden it from her for SO long? Who keeps a secret like that from someone he loves, you know?

    So last we saw them, Anna was pretty pissed at Joey and Joey was getting mad hit on by Lulu who dropped an L-word on him and Lord knows where that's gonna go.

    Russell, Anna, Piper, and Lulu on TeenNick's Gigantic
    L-R that's Russell, Anna, Piper, and Lulu from Gigantic

    OK then there's Walt and Maggie: Walt met Maggie, an adorable cater waitress at a movie premiere after-party, and he tried to hide the fact that he's Hollywood Royalty from her because he hates that whole game and "it gets weird"... but she already knew, because duh. So once that was all out in the open everything was fine until Maggie came clean that she's "kind of studying to be an actress," which freaked Walt out because in general, aspiring actresses probably want something from majorly-connected super-famous families. But, he got over it, and they're going strong. He even called in a favor to help out her career when he thought he might lose her to the deadline her dad had set (you have x months to make it in Hollywood or we go home, kiddo' type thing) . But now that she's getting a taste of the possibility of making it, she seems to be turning into the girl he was afraid she might be -- for one thing, she seemed to enjoy being on a red carpet maybe a little too much. (To Walt, the whole red carpet experience is fake and Hollyweird; to Maggie, it's a fabulous moment to savor because she's been dreaming of it basically her whole entire life.) In the last episode we saw, she seems to have taken a page out of Vanessa's rule book and set about to majorly blackmailing Mr. Khandan because she found out about the whole Lulu baby situation.

    Vanessa , by the way, was a famous child actress who never learned proper social skills or, say, how to love, and became an emancipated minor. She looks up to Anna's mom a lot, but also kind of wants to compete with her; it's weird. Vanessa is weird. She can't help it. So far we've seen her: blatantly steal a project from Anna's mom and lie about it and then borrow a gown from her; conspire to stir up as much of the Anna/Joey/Lulu/Baby drama as suits her needs at any given time; get really harsh with Maggie when she sensed a career threat; invite the paps to what was supposed to be a small, private party; and throw out a ton of great bitchy lines. There's just something about Vanessa; she's fun as hell to watch.

    Maggie from Gigantic
    L-R that's Piper and Finn's stepmother, the back of Piper's head, and Maggie from Gigantic

    Piper... let's see. She flashed her boobs to the paparazzi; basically stalked a snarky internet commenter; held a sign up for the paps that told them to kiss her big beautiful fat ass; fell in love with her family's live-in therapist; kissed her family's live-in therapist; made a faux suicide threat to get her family's live-in therapist to come "save" her after he quit. When last we saw her, she met a really nice guy named Peter (who btw was played by the guy who played Fat Neal on the Dungeons and Dragons episode of Community, but I digress.)

    Finn, meanwhile, has no luck with the ladies. He tries, and he fails. He's just not as effortlessly cool as Walt, though he does have one hell of a wardrobe and he's great with a camera. And he also has a huge crush on his stratospherically Hollywoodian step-monster, the "No more white food" lady. Unfortunately, on the last episode we saw, he also caught her cheating on his dad, sigh.

    Joey, Anna, The Moores, and Walt on TeenNick's Gigantic
    L-R that's Joey and Anna making out, Walt and Anna's parents, and Walt himself from Gigantic

    Meanwhile, all the celebuspawns have also had to deal with the various headaches of being the children of obscenely rich celebrities such as: getting reamed out by your parents for writing an article about them for Teen Vogue even though you were really excited to get your first byline, because your parents HATE press (Anna); getting discouraging tough love from your dad about your music career because your dad wants you to come by success honestly instead of by your last name (Walt); getting shot down by your dream high school for being "a distraction" even though it's not like you ASKED to be born to famous parents and anyway, you're actually really proud of your parents so screw you stupid school (Anna); having anonymous Internet commenters pick apart your physical appearance, which always hurts no matter how famous you are (Piper); and ending up in the tabloids for punching the dude who broke your sister's heart (Walt).

    OK! Now you're all caught up and ready to watch a full hour of new Gigantic Friday at 9:30p et, right after Degrassi!

  • "Get a room."

    Posted on 03/07/2010 by Mary

    Do you know anyone who's getting a hotel room for prom? It always kind of amazes me when people's parents let them do that -- would yours? I can't picture mine having let me back then; I didn't even bother to ask.

    Anyway, if you do have laid-back parents, take a lesson from Eric on That '70s Show and spring for a decent room instead of one with a stain on the bed and a gross bathroom. So not prommy.

  • Join the Spinner Debate

    Posted on 03/06/2010 by Lisa

    Spinnersunsoaker3 got a big debate started on the message boards. She says, "Spinner is way too old to still be chillin around the high school crowd."

    Some of the people posting seem to agree:

    "I know I definitely think he should hang around with a crowd that's more his age." - krisl

    "I think its quite sad that Spinner hasn't moved along like everyone else. Darcy left for Africa, Manny and Emma are in college, Paige and them are fully grown adults with their own lives and successes. Everyone is gone and I feel Spinner will be there in Toronto forever, even after Peter and them leave." - tweenkid

    But others are sticking up for Spin:

    "Well, he is dating a girl in high school, his band is still in high school, his best friend moved far away right after graduation, and he runs the Dot. What is supposed to do? Give up on everything and everyone he loves because they are all younger?" - jsi959

    "I think you all must be forgetting that not everyone moves away after school. Not everyone goes off to college/joins a band/goes to Africa/etc. Spinner's situation is common, to be honest. I graduated in 07 and I haven't left my hometown. If all of your friends move away to do whatever it is that they're movin away to do, you'll eventually make new friends." - MrLWeegee

    I didn't have anyone like Spinner around when I was in high school, but I sort of wish I had. It makes me wonder how many people are in that situation.

    If you're in high school, are any of your good friends a few years older than you?

    If you've graduated already, do you have any friends who are still in high school?

  • Are you the Clare friend or the Jenna friend?

    Posted on 03/04/2010 by Mary

    When your friend wants to get back together with the guy who fwded her naked pics and lied about being a virgin but she still loves him and he maybe still loves her and it's all very confusing and she wants advice (tonight, Degrassi, 10p et), are you the Clare friend, or the Jenna friend?

    As in, are you the one who gives the reality checks and solid advice and tries to keep your friends out of trouble, but sometimes might come off as judgy?

    Or the one who cheerleads for romantic ideals and experimenting with life and not being judgy, but sometimes maybe fails to avoid trouble?

    Or somethin' else entirely?

    Judge yourself in the comments...

  • Prom: would you rather go stag or go to a party?

    Posted on 03/03/2010 by Mary

    If rounding up a prom date just wasn't happening for you, which of the following would you rather do:
    a) Go stag to prom.
    b) Round up any date you could find, just to go to prom non-stag.
    c) Go to an anti-prom party that night - no dresses, no dates, no streamers.

    I ask because Holly on What I Like About You actually chose to throw an anti-prom party like that when she was dateless -- because she wasn't "gonna spend a million dollars to go to a prom with a guy who only comes up to my boobs, and then watch some lame Barbie doll couple -- who everybody secretly hates -- get crowned king and frickin' queen."

    Interesting points, Hollykins. Your thoughts, everyone else?

  • What's the most idiotic thing you've done for love?

    Posted on 03/02/2010 by Mary

    Holly from What I Like About You skipped a college interview at Columbia (FACEPALM... that one's on tonight at 11p et). And I still get a headache when I think about Lauren Conrad turning down that internship in Paris for stupid J Wahl back in the day on The Hills....

    Hopefully none of us have done anything THAT idiotic for a dude or a girl but, what's the dumbest thing you have done? Let a friend down? Missed something awesome for a bf/gf who wasn't worth it? 'Fess up in the comments...

  • Eric has fast food experience. Do you?

    Posted on 03/01/2010 by Lisa

    Poor Eric.Tonight at midnight, we're showing the episode of That '70s Show where Eric gets a job at Fatso Burger. Eric looks kind of depressed in this photo, but when I had a fast food job, it wasn't that bad.

    One summer, I worked at a frozen yogurt place at a highway rest stop. I feel like people tend to talk about fast food jobs like they are the worst thing in the world, but I was just happy to have a paying job in an air-conditioned place. Some of the customers were rude, but since our place was on a busy highway, we knew we'd probably never see those rude people again.

    The best part was that when there weren't any customers, my coworkers and I would take turns hanging out in the walk-in freezer, eating handfuls of cookie-dough topping. (I don't like frozen yogurt, but I looove those little chunks of cookie dough.)

    Anybody else out there ever have a fast food job? Were there any perks?