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  • What's that "We Are" song?

    Posted on 02/26/2010 by Lisa

    Over on the message boards, Kyokugen22 asked "Anyone know the ending song that plays at the end of 'Love Games'?" I'm swinging my hand in the air wildly, because I totally know the answer. It's "We Are" by Tupelo Honey. Here's their MySpace.

  • How precious is your hair?

    Posted on 02/20/2010 by Mary

    I have come to believe that there are two types of people in this world: those who safeguard their hair like a precious resource (a resource they happen to wear up near their face, every day, all the time, in front of everyone, and therefore would prefer not to take risks with), and those who are like "whatever, it grows back."

    (Kitty from That '70s Show is sort of like a type 1 who gets forced into type 2 behavior because she loves Laurie too much -- remember that ep when she let Laurie cut her hair for cosmetology school?

    I think I'm more of a type 2 myself, hence a few shaved heads over the years (and yes, it did indeed grow back... though the grow-out interim was a b-word.) In some cases it has served me well (being willing to take a cosmetic risk that totally paid off) and in other cases... it has served me less well.

    How 'boutchoo?

  • Holly's first day at work.

    Posted on 02/09/2010 by Lisa

    In the "Holly's First Job" episode of What I Like About You, Holly's first day as a waitress doesn't go well (as she puts it "I got there, I sucked, I quit").

    My first job was as a cashier at a craft supply store, and I sucked, too. I got stressed out anytime anybody wanted to pay with a credit card, because I thought the little charge machine was too hard to use. Good thing I'm better with computers now, huh?

    What was your first job? Did you suck at it?

    If you could go back in time and give yourself advice, what would you say? (I would say, "Hey, Lisa -- learn to knit while you've got a discount on yarn!")

  • Degrassi Breakdown: "Love Games"

    Posted on 02/05/2010 by Mary

    SPOILERS AHOY. Shut your eyes and turn away if you didn't watch Love Games yet. Otherwise....

    1. "You want low-maintenance. Date a Honda." Isn't it weird how, with the Declan's of this world (whether they're guys or girls)... so many people think that the way to get them is to be or do whatever The Declan's want. To roll over, basically. But The Declan's all want a challenge -- a Jane, a Holly J. Someone with their own independent ideas. Do you notice this to be true with people you know? Or do they all seem to want Hondas?
    2. Declan spilling his feelings through the door of the sound-proof booth was kind of genius. I know so many people who conduct their harder-to-have talks in moderated ways. Sometimes it's much easier to compose your thoughts in longform writing, or I remember reading about a couple who choose to only argue through a closed door. What's your favored medium for talking about things you have a hard time talking about? Phone, face to face, in person while holding each other, in the car, via txt, IM, long emails...?
    3. So.... Danny and Chantay, cute and all, and all's fair in love and war and all that buuuut... do you think Chantay should date her friend's recent ex right after they broke up like that? Or are these special circumstances?

  • Could you live with your best friend?

    Posted on 02/03/2010 by Lisa

    Let's talk about the "Hyde Moves In" episode of That '70s Show, and the one immediately after it, "The Good Son," where Eric starts to get annoyed at having Hyde at his house all the time.

    Let's consider the facts:

    * Hyde's mom ran away with a trucker, so he has nowhere else to go.
    * Hyde does lots of Eric's chores for him.
    * Hyde lives in the basement, so it's not like Eric has to share a room with him. (btw, this totally reminds me of when Manny lived in Emma's basement on Degrassi -- what's up with TeenNick and basement friends? )

    If you were in Eric's situation, do you think you could handle having your best friend around all the time? Or would it completely ruin the friendship?

  • I ♥ Roller Disco

    Posted on 01/14/2010 by Lisa

    I love the "Roller Disco" episode of That '70s Show. The outfits Jackie and Fez wear make me want to roller skate my way through life.

    That '70s Show

    I haven't been roller skating in years, but I just did a search for the nearest roller rinks. I wonder how many lessons I'd have to take to be as good as Jackie...

  • Holly can't handle the truth.

    Posted on 01/13/2010 by Mary

    When Holly on What I Like About You found out that Henry wasn't a virgin, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say she didn't handle it the super classiest.

    If you start dating someone, how much do you care about the nitty gritty details of their dating history? Is it better to know or is ignorance bliss? And what kind of info do you want -- just like, which bases they've been to or whose bases they've been to?

  • What are your thoughts on hunting?

    Posted on 01/06/2010 by Mary

    On the "Hunting" episode of That '70s Show, Red likes hunting; Eric misses on purpose, and Fez is not so into the dead deer "staring into his soul." Which one would you be? Have you ever been hunting? Do you think it's cruel, natural, or what?

  • What I Like About You: The Finale

    Posted on 12/31/2009 by Lisa

    What I Like About YouIf you've never seen the finale of What I Like About You, it's on tonight at 11:30. We're airing the last four episodes, all in a row, starting at 10 pm. (If you've got other New Year's Eve plans, just hit the record button before you go out.)

    I was sad when What I Like About You stopped making new episodes, because I'd happily watch Amanda Bynes on a sitcom every day forever, but I do like how it all wrapped up.

    What did you think of the What I Like About You finale? Were you happy with how the show ended?

    p.s. If you're a fan, don't panic -- This isn't the last time we'll be showing What I Like About You on TeenNick.

  • Tina's got a secret... but not for long.

    Posted on 12/28/2009 by Lisa

    "You're my boyfriend. We don't keep secrets from each other."That's something Holly says in the "I've Got a Secret" episode of What I Like About You, and it brings up an important relationship question -- are boyfriends and girlfriends exempt from the secret-keeping rules?

    When Tina realizes she might possibly have feelings for Gary, she tells Holly, but begs her to keep it a secret.

    A few minutes later, this conversation takes place:

    HOLLY: "Tina told me not to tell anyone."
    VINCE: "But you just told me."
    HOLLY: "Yeah, but you're not 'anyone' -- you're my boyfriend. We don't keep secrets from each other, because we have that intimate bond."

    If you were in that situation, and you were sworn to secrecy about a friend's crush, would you keep it a secret? Or would you tell your bf/gf, because of the "intimate bond" thing?