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  • TeenNick Top 10's Thanksgiving Week Celebration Is Coming with Daya, Flo Rida, Fifth Harmony and MORE!

    Posted on 11/12/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    TeenNick Top 10

    Get ready for TeenNick Top 10's biggest event EVER! This year, we're celebrating Thanksgiving in the most epic way possible: music, fun, and a whole lotta thanks.

    Starting Monday, November 23rd at 9pm, TeenNick Top 10 will take over the Mall of America for three music-filled nights. It's gonna be a huge live concert where Nick will share his favorite videos from Top 10's biggest playlist EVER... straight from the biggest mall ever!

    I mean, can it get any bigger?

    Yes, it can.

    Look out for performances from Daya, Amanda Dilks and the one and only Flo Rida!

    TeenNick Top 10

    Plus, catch all of your favorites like Teens Know Everything and shenanigans with our co-hosts with the most, Morgan and Maxwell!

    TeenNick Top 10

    Then on Saturday, November 28th @ 7pm tune in to a very special HALO Edition of TeenNick Top 10. We can't reveal too much now, but Nick will be spending time with a very special organization in honor of Helping and Leading Others, plus you'll get some exclusive footage of HALO performers Fifth Harmony, Walk the Moon and more!

    It all leads up to the Nickelodeon HALO Awards on Sunday, November 29th! Over the next few weeks, we'll be teasing special moments from the show, so hang with us!

  • 10 Tips For The Perfect Thanksgiving

    Posted on 11/26/2013 by Rachel1016

    So, you've mastered the art of turkey trimmings, prepared your bellies for a river of cranberry sauce (if you're into that sorta thing), perfected your green bean casserole down to every last crispy friend onion, and... probably made the wise choice to leave all of the cooking to Mom.

    Nonetheless, we rounded up a few really important, relevant and practical tips to help make your Turkey Day the best it can be. In the spirit of ThanksGIFFing (LOL had to), it's the least we could do.

    First, it's important to make sure you have the correct holiday.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    It's also good to understand subtle nuances of the Thanksgiving turkey tradition.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    You know, like the part where it's cooked.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    In the unlikely event that a pair of Pilgrims appear in your kitchen, don't be alarmed.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    And if they pose a threat, turkeys can double as boxing gloves.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    If you find yourself getting hungry, the Thanksgiving Parade is a favorite pastime.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    And if your relatives would rather watch football...

    Boom. Genius.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    It's also accepted practice to share the turkey with family members.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    That is, if you can manage to keep all family members conscious.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    But remember, above all else, give thanks to those you love.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

  • Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

    Posted on 11/25/2010 by Lisa

    May your day be full of eating and thanking and family togetherness... even if your family's as crazy as Malcolm's.

  • I'm thankful for Thanksgiving quizzes.

    Posted on 11/21/2010 by Lisa

    The most important parts of Thanksgiving are eating dinner and feeling grateful, and we've got quizzes to prepare you for both.

    Before you load up your plate on Thursday, take the Which Thanksgiving Food Are You? quiz. It just told me I'm cranberry sauce.

    Do you appreciate all the good things in your life... or do you tend to take them for granted? The How Grateful Are You? quiz will help you figure it out. I just took it and got:

    I guess that's accurate, because right now I'm grateful for my "so grateful" badge. Happy Thanksgiving week, everybody!

  • Give Back This Thanksgiving!

    Posted on 11/25/1913 by baileyb2112

    'Tis The Season To Give Back!

    'Tis the season to give back! With Thanksgiving just around the corner and the holiday season not far behind, it's the perfect time to remember all the things you are thankful for, and to consider helping those who are less fortunate. Plus, while you're in the holiday spirit, why not remember the spirit of the HALO Awards too?? Keep the HALO Effect going all year round!

    Let your HALO shine by donating, volunteering, or simply brightening someone's day this holiday season. Start small: help your mom prepare a fantastic turkey dinner on Thanksgiving day, give your grandmother a call to let her know you're thinking of her, or give out holiday cards to all of your friends to tell them how much they mean to you. But if you're looking to make a bit of a bigger impact, here are some organizations that could really use your help this holiday:

    The Salvation Army
    Ever noticed the men and women who bundle up and stand out in the cold around Christmas time, ringing bells and holding red buckets full of donations? These people are dedicated volunteers for the Salvation Army, a charitable organization that has been helping those who are poor or homeless for many years. But you don't have to ring a bell to help them out! Consider cleaning out your closet and donating any clothes you don't wear anymore to someone who really needs them. The Salvation Army can make sure your donations find a good home. Even Austin Mahone, our favorite new heartthrob, is getting involved�he'll be headlining Salvation Army's "Rock the Red Kettle" concert this year!

    The Boys & Girls Clubs of America
    This national youth organization has chapters all over the United States that provide after-school programs for countless boys and girls. These programs focus on education, leadership, the arts, sports, and more. You can get involved by volunteering at a club in your area, or even starting a club of your own! Check out their website to find the program nearest you and lend a helping hand.

    The YMCA
    The YMCA is one of America's oldest non-profit organizations, with millions of beneficiaries and numerous community centers all over the world. They offer programs for kids and adults alike that focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility with a strong focus on community. If you're interested in being involved, you can donate to the Y, volunteer at a center, or even join a YMCA community near you! It's a great way to give back!

    This year, while you're enjoying the wonderful days of delicious Thanksgiving leftovers, holiday decorating and those first few glimpses of snow, keep these organizations in mind and consider making someone else's holiday season a little more special.