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  • Weird Dreams about the Wrong Person

    Posted on 09/15/2010 by Mary

    Fez dreams about sexy Nurse Kelso Have you ever had a dream about someone that you did NOT want to have that dream about? Like a make-out dream about someone you HATE, or your ex, or... Kelso? Well, ok, I guess there's a good chunk of the population that would not mind dreaming about Kelso. (But Fez is not in that chunk, according to last night's ep where he dreamed that Kelso was his sexy nurse).

    It actually reminded me of an advice question Ray "Sav" Ablack answered a while ago... over here. He said basically the same thing Kitty on That '70s Show said... scientifically speaking: dreams are weird, and kind of random, and who knows what they mean.

    You could have a make-out dream about your friend because you saw them that day and ate too many egg rolls off the floor (Fez!)... or because you're totally in love with them. But, it's probably easier to tell that you're in love with someone because you're like... in love with them. That's usually the tip-off.

    Ever have a dream like that about someone you weren't into like that?

  • Jackie does Kelso's eye makeup!

    Posted on 06/15/2010 by Lisa

    Hold still, Kelso...I love the episode of That '70s Show where Jackie decides to give Kelso a glam, David-Bowie-inspired makeover.

    How do you feel about makeup...
    -on Kelso?
    -on yourself?
    -on your friends?
    -on the people you're attracted to?

  • Hyde and the art of "Whatever."

    Posted on 05/23/2010 by Mary

    Hyde. Chillin'.Hyde from That '70s Show is a pretty cool guy, and in the "Cat Fight Club" episode, he gives Jackie a few tips on how to achieve his level of coolness. (We're showing it as part our That '70s Show marathon.) This is the episode where Laurie and Kelso are dating, and Laurie is doing her best to make Jackie jealous. Hyde tries to help Jackie out by teaching her how to remain aloof.

    Hyde's main tip to Jackie is to say "That's cool." and "Whatever." a lot, so people won't know what's really going on in her head. When Jackie starts doing this, she does come across as a cooler person, because she seems so emotionally detached from all of the Laurie/Kelso drama.

    I sort of love this as a way to deal with an ex (and the ex's new bf/gf) if they're people you have to see on a regular basis, but I bet it's much easier said than done.

    How do you deal when people try to make you jealous? Is whatever-ing the way to go?

  • Do you understand your parents' jobs better than Kelso?

    Posted on 05/12/2010 by Mary

    Do you have a solid idea of what your parents do all day at their jobs? Or, like Kelso's dad, do they "concatenate diverse statistical information to maximize the potential utilization of data."

    Have you ever gone into work with them?

  • Are you TOO honest with your bf/gf? Is Kelso?

    Posted on 05/04/2010 by Mary

    Remember that time on That '70s Show when the guys went to a "nudie flick" and Kelso felt guilty and told Jackie about it and she was psyched that he was honest with her, so he told her all about how that time she asked if he'd washed his hands before they made out and he said yes, actually he hadn't and he' d been petting dogs right before? That was awesome.

    And then Jackie says something about "selective honesty" so I was wondering... which of these items would you "select" to be honest with your bf/gf about?

    1) Your bf/gf directly asks you whether you think a guy/girl you know in real life is cute.

    2) Your bf/gf directly asks you whether you think a celebrity guy/girl is cute.

    3) A friend of yours is talking about a guy/girl who was just flirting with them. You think that the girl/guy is attractive and you're psyched for your friend. Do you volunteer, "Nice, that guy/girl is cute!" to your friend in the presence of your bf/gf?

    4) Someone who doesn't realize you 're in a relationship asks you out.

    5) Someone who knows you have a bf /gf (and knows who it is) has been sending you flirty texts.

    6) Your bf/gf bakes you cookies and they're weirdly super-salty.

    7) Your bf/gf got a bad new haircut, in your opinion.

    8) Your bf/gf kind of needs to floss.

    9) Your bf/gf is morally against violent video games and would think it was lame if you played them, but you played one at a friend's house.

    10) Your bf/gf is like mortal enemies with someone from his/her old school, and you end up going to a party at their house and think they're kind of nice, actually.

  • 10 Questions about Parties

    Posted on 04/21/2010 by Lisa

    What makes a great party? It depends who you ask.

    If you asked Jackie from That '70s Show, she'd probably describe a small, classy dinner party, like the one she tries to throw in ""Burning Down the House."" If you asked Kelso, he'd probably talk about an out-of-control house party that's packed with people.

    Now I'm asking you.

    1. When you're hosting a party, what's your ideal number of guests?
    2. What's your all-time favorite party song?
    3. What's on your snack table (or dinner table, if that's your style)?
    4. What's the perfect party location?
    5. Best night of the week for a party?
    6. How do you want your guests to dress?
    7. Would you decorate? (If yes, how?)
    8. Dancing: Yay or nay?
    9. Video games: Party fun or party foul?
    10. While you're thinking about your ultimate party, what would you call it? Give it a name.

  • Ashton Kutcher in his underpants.

    Posted on 03/30/2010 by Mary

    Just stumbled on this in ye olde photo archives.


  • Youth ministers: the good, the bad, and the WTH?

    Posted on 03/20/2010 by Mary

    Did anyone see the ep of That '70s Show where Kitty brings in a deeply cringe-worthy youth minister to try to get Eric, Laurie, and Hyde to like church? (It's on tonight at 12:30 am et... you'll be home by then, right?)

    But I know there are some genuinely in-touch youth ministers/pastors/whatevers out there, ones who respect your intelligence and don't talk to you like you're from some sort of alien race whose only communication is through '90s slang, or who are actually even genuinely cool. Aaaaand some genuinely clueless ones who attempt to rap and let's just not go there.

    Have any stories (inspiring or hilarious) about adults trying to talk to you about religion or spirituality that you care to share with the class? Please avail yourself of the comments box.

  • "Get a room."

    Posted on 03/07/2010 by Mary

    Do you know anyone who's getting a hotel room for prom? It always kind of amazes me when people's parents let them do that -- would yours? I can't picture mine having let me back then; I didn't even bother to ask.

    Anyway, if you do have laid-back parents, take a lesson from Eric on That '70s Show and spring for a decent room instead of one with a stain on the bed and a gross bathroom. So not prommy.

  • Eric has fast food experience. Do you?

    Posted on 03/01/2010 by Lisa

    Poor Eric.Tonight at midnight, we're showing the episode of That '70s Show where Eric gets a job at Fatso Burger. Eric looks kind of depressed in this photo, but when I had a fast food job, it wasn't that bad.

    One summer, I worked at a frozen yogurt place at a highway rest stop. I feel like people tend to talk about fast food jobs like they are the worst thing in the world, but I was just happy to have a paying job in an air-conditioned place. Some of the customers were rude, but since our place was on a busy highway, we knew we'd probably never see those rude people again.

    The best part was that when there weren't any customers, my coworkers and I would take turns hanging out in the walk-in freezer, eating handfuls of cookie-dough topping. (I don't like frozen yogurt, but I looove those little chunks of cookie dough.)

    Anybody else out there ever have a fast food job? Were there any perks?