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  • Degrassi Recap: 'The World I Know'

    Posted on 01/29/2014 by Rachel1016

    Last night, we kicked off Degrassi's winter chapter with an unforgettable premiere episode. If you haven't seen "The World I Know" yet, catch up on the full episode online, then check out recap where we break down everything that happened.

    Degrassi: The World I Know

    At the end of last chapter, Clare and Drew briefly shared a kiss (or, as Drew put it, something in between a make-out and a kiss) that may or may not have signaled a few "OH NO THEY DIDN'T!"s around the world. After the smooch, Drew quickly assumed that Clare was deeply in love with him, obviously.

    Degrassi: The World I Know

    But as Drew approached Clare to "let her down easy," she didn't quite pick up what he was puttin' down. In fact, she made it clear that the kiss was a terrible mistake, that she's still very much in love with Eli, and that Drew is straight up deluded (no really, she used that word). A little surprised to find Clare not head over-heels-in-love after their lip lock, Drew consulted Dallas, who, in typical Dallas fashion, encouraged Drew to find a rebound girl. Oh, brother. Wonder who that will be? Anyone care to place some bets?

    Anyway, while Drew was nursing his bruised ego, he was simultaneously trying to impress Mr. Hollingsworth (Miles' father), who visited Degrassi to deliver a speech about his campaign for mayor. Luckily, Drew was able to charm Mr. Hollingsworth, and scored an interview for the youth advisor of his campaign. Aw, look at that, Drew might slowly be getting his mojo back.

    Degrassi: The World I Know

    After being suspended from school for threatening Zoe's life (in a song), Maya had to complete her punishment in the Remedial Room, aka the infamous "Rubber Room." Maya wasn't too excited about it to begin with, but things went downhill when newcomer punk girl, Grace, made it clear she thought Maya was a total "princess" with a chip on her shoulder. Ouch! Yeah, Maya might have some trouble fitting in.

    The students in the Remedial Room got assigned a character interview project, in which they were paired up and instructed to interview each other, as each other. By some stroke of luck, Maya got paired with her former almost-flame (and total bad-boy) Zig, and *PAUSE* things are about to get interesting.

    Degrassi: The World I Know

    For the new or rusty Degrassians out there, here's a quick background on Maya and Zig's complicated relationship: In Season 11, Maya had a crush on Zig, but didn't realize her feelings until Zig got back with his then-girlfriend, Tori. Maya eventually moved on with Cam when Zig started to have feelings for Maya again. But when Cam devastatingly took his own life, Zig blamed himself for telling Cam to get out of Maya's life and Maya had serious trouble coping with the loss. When she was finally being able to express her grief, Maya started to have feelings for Zig again, but said she wasn't ready to be in a relationship. Zig told her he would wait for her, and it seemed like they would eventually find their way back to each other. But over the summer, Maya met Miles Hollingsworth III and, you know, #Matlingsworth happened. When Zig came back, though, he made it clear he didn't forget their promise.

    When the two sat down to work on their assignment, Zig started to talk about the Roman legend, Brutus, who famously betrayed his friend Caesar, and who, in this case, we're pretty sure represents Maya's forgotten promise. So, Zig is a little hostile! That much we know! But he took it to the next level when it came time to present their assignment: While impersonating Maya, he made fun of her and pretty much laid out their baggage for everyone in the class to see. Maya quickly fired back, and Zig walked out. Oof.

    So�does this mean a Zaya comeback is in the works? Should we prepare for one of the most epic love triangles of all Degrassi time?!

    Degrassi: The World I Know

    Alli was getting ready to celebrate her birthday when she received some bad news from Leo. His transfer credits from France didn't come through, preventing him from obtaining a student visa and ultimately forcing him to the leave the country. Leo, wary of the stress that long distance relationships inevitably cause, insisted that it would be best if they broke up. But Alli, not ready to give up on the man she loves, had a crazy idea: marriage.

    Degrassi: The World I Know

    Despite Jenna and Clare's caution against making such a hasty decision, Alli and Leo booked it to City Hall to tie the knot. Moments after they became husband and wife, however, Alli and Leo got into an argument about her not telling her parents. Leo became convinced that Alli was ashamed of him and his temper escalated to new, devastating heights.

    Degrassi: The World I Know

    As they argued in the car, Leo struck Alli multiple times in the head to the point where she fell out of the passenger seat and was left bruised and bleeding on the side of the road.

    Alli returned home to a surprise birthday party that Jenna, Clare and her parents threw for her. As she walked in the door, severely injured, they rushed to her with utter shock and concern, and when they asked what happened, Alli lied and claimed she was mugged.

    Over the past two chapters, we've watched Alli continue to go back to Leo despite his previous outbursts. Now, the consequences of her choices have reached a truly devastating conclusion. Alli has a long road ahead of her, for sure, but her story is a powerful reminder that relationship abuse is a very serious issue. Abuse is never justified, and it's important to remember that we do have the power to make our own choices. If you or anyone you know is in an abusive relationship, know that you are not alone -- go to for help, or call 1.866.331.9474 at any time.