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  • Five Important Tips For Tonight's #DegrassiParty

    Posted on 10/03/2013 by Rachel1016

    Can you believe it? The Season 13 Fall Premiere is mere hours away! To celebrate tonight's all-new episode and a brand new chapter of Degrassi histrionics, we're throwing a TKTK Twitter Party! While you watch and absorb the overall OMG-ness, we'll be live tweeting from @TeenNick and @Degrassinsider as well as giving away some awesome prizes. But what kind of hosts would we be if we didn't make sure you're primed and ready for the madness? Here are five essentials for making tonight's #DegrassiParty the party of the year...or at least the party of the week.

    1. Get Your Sweets, Chips And Other Junk Food
    Whether you grab a latte from the Spot or swipe some leftovers from your fridge, we hope you'll have something other than your nails to bite on during tonight's excitement!

    2. Bring A Degrassi Freshman (Or Woman!)
    Do have a friend who has never seen Degrassi before? Make that person your plus one and show them what they're missing!

    3. Crank Our Degrassi Playlist
    If you want to get the party started right now, head over to Spotify to hear our Degrassi pump-up playlist! Check out some of our favorite tunes from the summer chapter and a few choice tracks to get you in the partying mood!

    4. Bring Your Best Tristan Face
    We know you're going to have something to say about tonight's episode, so make like Tristan, and warm up those facial expressions.

    5. Check Out Our Degrassi Predictions
    Take a look at our silly predictions, and see how they measure up to your own!

    Okay, I know we only said five, but you can forget this tip!

    #DegrassiParty #DegrassiParty #DegrassiParty

    Don't forget to tune in tonight at 9pm ET and join us for a bumpin' #DegrassiParty. Until then, here's a sneak peek clip of the premiere episode!