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  • Degrassi Recap: 'You Are Not Alone'

    Posted on 06/03/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Degrassi is BACK, you guys! School might be out for the summer, but things are just heating up at Degrassi Community. Everyone's trying new things, joining new clubs, and, of course, breaking new rules. If haven't seen "You Are Not Alone," watch in online then read our recap below!

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    With the start of the new spring semester, Maya had an idea to create an arts night at Degrassi organized by the Rubber Room kids. The concept was to turn Degrassi into a space for freedom of expression and creativity... and also to shed the reputation of the Rubber Room kids as no-good-very-bad delinquents.

    But Maya soon found out that Zig has been mixed up in some gang-related activity with Tiny. Zig insisted that gang life was in the past, but Maya was none-too-pleased to find drugs in his backpack—yep, Zig was still caught up in some major trouble. Maya confronted Zig and, to his chagrin, decided to get rid of the drugs. Now Zig would have to face the gang about the missing drugs.

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    Maya continued to meddle in Zig's problems and tried to pay Tiny for the drugs in exchange for Zig's freedom from the gang. Even though Tiny seemed to comply, it appeared that Maya may have made things worse. Later that night, Zig got an angry text from Tiny demanding that he meet him. Zig was hurriedly on his way out the door, when Maya realized the only way to stop him...

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    ...was to kiss him.

    Wasn't Maya just saying that she was still hung up on Miles? Is this a desperate ploy to keep Zig out of trouble? Or does she really like him?

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    Winston was determined to spark a love interest in the Comic Book Club. He wasn't having much luck until Miles' little sister came out of nowhere and took Chuey by surprise. Apparently, not only did she like comic books, but she also likes Winston.

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    After she literally knocked him off his feet (and sent him plunging into the pool), Frankie and Winston kissed!

    But then they quikcly said to each other in unison, "Miles can never know about this." Something tells us such stealthiness is going to be difficult.

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    In the aftermath of the Drew-kissing drama, Clare decided that she needed to keep herself busy by training for a triathlon. She tried to enlist Alli to train with her, but when she opted for Salsa Club with Dallas instead, Clare ventured out on her own.

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    Turns out, new girl Jack coaches the Triathlon Club. And after their first grueling practice, she invited Clare to hang out with her friends at their backyard axe-throwing league. Catapulting axes into a bull's-eye with Drew's face imagined on it was just the emotional and physical release that Clare needed.

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    But did she come on too strong with Jack and her friends? When Alli suggested that Clare might have some new "suitors" (since Jack is a lesbian and all), Clare worried that she may have given Jack the wrong idea. It didn't take long for her to realize, though, that just because Jack was friendly toward her, didn't mean she was into her. Come on, Clare! We coulda told you that!

    It's so Degrassi to start off with a bang, right? What did you all think of this episode? Will Frankie and Winston become� Frankston? Or, Winkie?! Does Maya really like Zig, or is she hastily playing with his emotions again? Sound off in the comments!