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  • Degrassi Recap: 'You Got Me'

    Posted on 10/11/2013 by Rachel1016

    This week on Degrassi, we watched the students get ready for the kick-off Beach Bash dance. With the threat of no-shows, a little bribery, and one major party foul, all we have to say is: Have you ever been to a drama-free school dance? Didn't think so.

    Check out our recap of 'You Got Me' below, and if you haven't seen the full episode, watch it online first because you'll be all "Oh my Lady Gaga, SPOILERS!"

    Degrassi: You Got Me


    Last week, Alli decided to give her Parisian boyfriend Leo a second chance. Much to her best friend Jenna's disappointment, Leo has re-entered Alli's life to prove that his aggressive past will not be a part of their future. Jenna's skepticism and concern for Alli, though, has continued to cause palpable tension in their friendship. Jenna seems to think that Leo's true colors will outshine his charm.

    Degrassi: You Got Me

    Desperate to prove to her friends that Leo's actually a good guy, Alli decided to invite him to Degrassi's Beach Bash dance. At first, Leo was all "I don't wish to be tested" (DUDE, you are ALREADY on thin ice), but then he decided to show up and play nice. Actually, he was quite wonderful to Alli's friends, dazzling Clare and Jenna on the dance floor and even making friends with Dallas (who was the supposed reason for Leo's infamous altercation with Alli in the first place).

    Leo definitely made it difficult to either hate him or love him this episode. I mean, things seem to be looking up, but when violence is ever involved, second chances still feel a bit too generous to me. What about you guys? Are you divided on the issue? Do you think he's actually on the path to redeeming himself?

    Degrassi: You Got Me


    You'll remember that the Fall Chapter premiere ended with quite the cliffhanger: Drew, under the influence of his sleeping pills, called Zoe and said some quote, unquote "pretty sexy stuff." As if sweet-talking Zoe wasn't enough damage, Drew also unknowingly invited her to the dance... Yes, the same Drew who is very engaged to Bianca.

    Zoe, hoping to save face from her embarrassing moments (you'll recall the coffee incident and when Miles called her a "re-run"), already bragged to Miles, Maya, and Tristan about her new "fling" with Drew. And when the truth about Drew's actual relationship status came to light, Zoe wasn't about to back down and risk being embarrassed by her ex-boyfriend / arch-nemesis again. So, she did what any other reasonable girl would do! She bribed Drew with contraband sleeping pills (since his doctor stopped prescribing them) in exchange for a date to the dance. A brilliant, fool-proof plan, right?

    Degrassi: You Got Me

    Wrong. Drew showed up to the dance high as ever, started hallucinating, and jumped into baby pool that he mistook for an ocean. Uh... #ICameInLikeACannonball? But when the rest of the school laughed at Drew's unsettling, but slightly hilarious episode, Clare came in and showed serious concern for him. She saw that something deeper was plaguing him, and that he's really struggling over the loss of Adam.

    It made me happy to see Drew and Clare connect this episode because even though Drew's issues have manifested themselves in (admittedly) amusing ways, he hasn't been able to face the root of his problem. Perhaps Clare will be a game-changer for Drew on his path to healing.

    Degrassi: You Got Me


    Hands down, one of the best parts of this episode was welcoming back Zig. (So good to see you, Zig! *waves* My, how you've grown!) Even though Maya and Miles were flirty-birdies pretty much the entire episode, that moment when Zig planted his eyes on Maya at the dance brought back SO many feels. Do you remember when Zig told Maya that he would wait for her? Ugh, crush my heart into a thousand pieces! Since Zig was unaware of Maya's budding relationship with Miles, though, I'm really interested to see what will happen. Do you think Miles is right for Maya? Do you think there's too much baggage with Zig? Only time will tell...

    Okay, we've spilled our thoughts and we've posed our questions. Now it's your turn! Tell us what you thought of 'You Got Me' and let's get the conversation going! Take it away in the comments!

    P.S. Here's the music from last night. Head out over our Spotify playlist to hear all the tunes!

    "Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats
    "Respect Yourself" by Bruce Willis
    "In The City" by Caveman
    "Climbing Walls" by Strange Talk
  • Degrassi Sneak Peek: 'You Got Me'

    Posted on 10/09/2013 by Rachel1016

    We're so excited for an all-new Degrassi, that we decided to give you a sneak of TWO scenes from this Thursday's episode!

    In the clip, Alli invites Leo to Degrassi's Beach Bash dance. But when Leo finds out that Alli's friends know him as "the guy who gave her bruises," he defensively refuses her invitation. For a guy who's already skating on thin ice, will Leo actually get on the path to redemption?

    Drew's sleeping problems continue to get in the way of his responsibilities. Dallas offers to help him plan the dance, but it remains to be seen if Drew will actually get to the root of the problem.

    What do you all think is going to happen this week? Let us know in the comments, and don't forget "You Got Me" premieres this Thursday at 9PM ET!