Could you live with your best friend?

Posted on Feb 03, 2010 by Lisa

Let's talk about the "Hyde Moves In" episode of That '70s Show, and the one immediately after it, "The Good Son," where Eric starts to get annoyed at having Hyde at his house all the time.

Let's consider the facts:

* Hyde's mom ran away with a trucker, so he has nowhere else to go.
* Hyde does lots of Eric's chores for him.
* Hyde lives in the basement, so it's not like Eric has to share a room with him. (btw, this totally reminds me of when Manny lived in Emma's basement on Degrassi -- what's up with TeenNick and basement friends? )

If you were in Eric's situation, do you think you could handle having your best friend around all the time? Or would it completely ruin the friendship?