10 Questions about Parties

Posted on Apr 21, 2010 by Lisa

What makes a great party? It depends who you ask.

If you asked Jackie from That '70s Show, she'd probably describe a small, classy dinner party, like the one she tries to throw in ""Burning Down the House."" If you asked Kelso, he'd probably talk about an out-of-control house party that's packed with people.

Now I'm asking you.

1. When you're hosting a party, what's your ideal number of guests?
2. What's your all-time favorite party song?
3. What's on your snack table (or dinner table, if that's your style)?
4. What's the perfect party location?
5. Best night of the week for a party?
6. How do you want your guests to dress?
7. Would you decorate? (If yes, how?)
8. Dancing: Yay or nay?
9. Video games: Party fun or party foul?
10. While you're thinking about your ultimate party, what would you call it? Give it a name.