Youth ministers: the good, the bad, and the WTH?

Posted on Mar 20, 2010 by Mary

Did anyone see the ep of That '70s Show where Kitty brings in a deeply cringe-worthy youth minister to try to get Eric, Laurie, and Hyde to like church? (It's on tonight at 12:30 am et... you'll be home by then, right?)

But I know there are some genuinely in-touch youth ministers/pastors/whatevers out there, ones who respect your intelligence and don't talk to you like you're from some sort of alien race whose only communication is through '90s slang, or who are actually even genuinely cool. Aaaaand some genuinely clueless ones who attempt to rap and let's just not go there.

Have any stories (inspiring or hilarious) about adults trying to talk to you about religion or spirituality that you care to share with the class? Please avail yourself of the comments box.