The Music of Degrassi

Posted on Jul 19, 2013 by baileyb2112

Ever wonder which carefully chosen tunes fill Degrassi's halls and heighten the drama of the show's most intense moments? Look no further! We now give you The Music of Degrassi: a comprehensive list of the songs featured in each new episode.
But you didn't think we'd leave you to scour the interwebs for these jams, did you? Head over to TeenNick's new Spotify account after each episode and stream the Degrassi 13 playlist ! Each week, we'll add all of the music featured in the newest episode that's available on Spotify, eventually creating the perfect soundtrack for A Whole New Degrassi! 

Check out the songs featured in the season premiere, "Summertime," AND the latest episode, "All I Wanna Do"! Warning: these tunes may make you want to cry, smile or break out into song!
  • Lisa Donnelly -- "Little Devil"
  • Jennifer Hershman -- "Don't Want to Feel Your Lows So Heavy"
  • Kyle Richardson -- "So Hot it Hurts"
  • Born Ruffians -- "Permanent Hesitation"
  • Death and a Cure -- "When It All Goes South"
  • Mree -- "Lift Me Up"
  • Tupelo Honey -- "Can't Stop"
All I Wanna Do
  • Tal -- "Rien n'est Parfait"
  • Other Lives -- "Tamer Animals"
  • Brooke Turner -- "Life of the Party"
  • Cajsa Siik -- "Plastic House"
Cajsa Siik's "Plastic House" makes this emotional moment between Eli and Clare even more special!