The Music of Degrassi: My Own Worst Enemy

Posted on Jul 26, 2013 by baileyb2112

It's time again to listen to the sweet sounds of The Music of Degrassi. My Own Worst Enemy featured some fun pop, a little hip-hop and A LOT of jaunty French tunes. Enjoy a few of these new additions on the updated Spotify playlist, created for your listening pleasure!

Here's the full list of songs featured in this week's episode: 

  • Inna MODJA: "French Cancan"
  • Dirty Radio: "Head Go Wild"
  • Relient K: "If I Could Take You Home"
  • Dear Rouge: "Thinking About You"
  • Tal: "Le Sens De La Vie"

Watch how Dirty Radio's "Head Go Wild" brings Tristan and Miles closer together!