Zoey 101: Top Five Reasons Zoey and Chase Belong Together

Posted on Apr 04, 2014 by TeenNickBlogger

Who didn't ship Zoey Brooks and Chase Matthews? Sure, it took Zoey a little longer to realize just how much she liked the lovable klutz, but everyone knew these two were meant for each other from the start. And lest you've forgotten why Zoey and Chase are two birds of a feather, here are the top five reasons why they totally, completely, obviously belong together.


It's Zoey's first day and Pacific Coast Academy, and who's the first person she meets? Mr. Matthews, of course! Chase runs into a pole when he sees Zoey for the first time, and all it took was one (unfortunately injury-inducing) glance for him to never look back. Yep, it was love at first crash.

Zoey and Chase


Chase's new girlfriend isn't cool with him being friends with Zoey, but turns out Chase isn't cool with not being friends with Zoey. So, he dumps his lady-friend and proves that Zoey was always his #1 girl.

Zoey and Chase


When Chase sleeps through an important dance contest, he feels terrible. After practicing for 24 straight hours to enter the competition with Zoey, he realized that when you snooze, you quite literally lose. But because they're obviously soul mates, we find out that Zoey isn't mad at him—in fact, she tells him he's the best! It pays to have a heart of gold (and boom-box readily available for a dance break).

Zoey and Chase


While Zoey's away at Oxford, Chase gets mad when Logan messes with a stuffed giraffe that Zoey gave to him.

Zoey and Chase

We all know Logan was kind of a jerk sometimes, but after they duke it out, Logan actually gets Chase to admit his true feelings for Zoey. Chase says has been in love with Zoey since the day he met her, and thanks to a webcam malfunction, Zoey finally hears it from across the world.


Chase surprises Zoey by returning to PCA right before prom, and in a scene that's reminiscent of the time the two first met, they finally, well…you know!

Zoey and Chase

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