Prom: would you rather go stag or go to a party?

Posted on Mar 03, 2010 by Mary

If rounding up a prom date just wasn't happening for you, which of the following would you rather do:
a) Go stag to prom.
b) Round up any date you could find, just to go to prom non-stag.
c) Go to an anti-prom party that night - no dresses, no dates, no streamers.

I ask because Holly on What I Like About You actually chose to throw an anti-prom party like that when she was dateless -- because she wasn't "gonna spend a million dollars to go to a prom with a guy who only comes up to my boobs, and then watch some lame Barbie doll couple -- who everybody secretly hates -- get crowned king and frickin' queen."

Interesting points, Hollykins. Your thoughts, everyone else?