Fixing up your friends.

Posted on Mar 20, 2010 by Mary

What do you think, should friends fix friends up? I feel like it can go both ways -- awesome, or a total friendship-changer (for the worse).

On the pros side:
- Maybe they'll fall in love and you'll be the one who set them up!
- They're both so great and so single! They should be together !
- Maybe you'll get your friend to stop his/her whining about not having a bf/gf! Like a binky!

On the cons side:
- Maybe they'll hate each other and you'll be the one who set them up!
- You are kind of basically telling your friend what you think their "level" is, and... what if they find your opinion not that flattering?
- Maybe they'll go out for a while, and then it will end horribly, and you will Not Hear the End of It because it will be ALL YOUR FAULT. Like a binky from a hell dimension that will never stay put !

Holly stepped in poop on What I Like About You when she set Val up with Henry's brother (tonight, 10:30p et)... have you ever stepped in similar poop? Or have you been fixed up by a friend and been like, "really? That's who you think I should be with?" Or have your fix-ups been poop- and insult - free and resulted in decades-long marriages blessed with many many children?

Share the wisdom of your experience in the comments...