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  • Five Ways To Upgrade Your Graduation Cap And Gown

    Posted on 06/05/2014 by Rachel1016

    Finals are done, grades are in, and it's time to graduate! From all of us at TeenNick, conGRADulations to all of the happy diplomates out there! And although we know that closing this very important chapter in your life can be bittersweet, forget the pomp and circumstance for a moment, and consider these five ways to upgrade your graduation cap and gown!



    Multicolored, neon sneakers may not be a staple in everyone's wardrobe, but with an ensemble as uniform as a graduation cap and gown, fresh kicks can be just the polychromatic pop your outfit needs. Plus, this particular footwear is perfect for the ambitious grad who intends to do a cartwheel or a "Yippee!" high jump as he or she receives that coveted diploma.



    You don't have to live in California or Hawaii to infuse a little island spirit into your graduation outfit. As the tradition goes, leis are presented to someone who is arriving or leaving, so it totally makes to wear beautiful flower necklaces to symbolize embarking upon the next stage of your life!



    Whether your ceremony is outside on a field or in an air conditioned gym, pop on some bright, statement sunglasses (extra points for over-sized clown glasses) and your parents and teachers will know just how seriously you take this big milestone in your life.



    Nail art is one of the subtler ways to upgrade a graduation outfit. Whether you opt for a simple accent nail or an all-out grad-themed design, your manicured tentacles are sure to add a little personality to an otherwise homogeneous look.



    Mom, Dad and other important adults in your life did a lot to help you get where you are. Write a message of thanks on your cap so they can spot your gratitude in the crowd. Or celebrate your class by writing your graduation year in glitter, recall an inside joke with your best friend, or just decorate that thing however your baccalaureate heart desires!

    Are you graduating this year? Tell us, what are you going to do to take your grad outfit to the next level?

  • Q&A With June HALO Effect Honoree Neha Gupta

    Posted on 06/04/2014 by Rachel1016

    HALO Effect: Neha Gupta

    The HALO Effect continues to spread as we honor teens who make a difference in a big way. Are you ready to be inspired? Join us in congratulating our HALO Effect honoree for the month of June, Neha Gupta!

    Neha is a seventeen year-old Philadelphia student who founded Empower Orphans, a non-profit organization aimed at addressing worldwide problems related to orphaned and abandoned children. The goal of the organization is to break the cycle of poverty by providing these children with fundamental education skills and basic healthcare. To date, the organization has impacted 25,000 children around the world. Check our our exclusive Q&A to learn more about Neha's remarkable accomplishments!

    What inspired you to start Empower Orphans? What were the beginning stages of your organization like?
    Empower Orphans was born as a result of my annual trips to visit my grandparents in India. As part of our visits, I would volunteer at the Baal Kunj Orphanage along with my parents. It was there that my entire perspective on life changed and matured. As I listened to the stories of the children and heard them weep, I was able to feel their pain in my heart. Placing myself in their shoes, I identified with them. I pictured myself living in rural India. I pictured myself being abandoned by the two people I love most. I pictured myself sleeping on a cold floor with my bones jutting out from malnutrition. These children of my age and ethnicity seemed so similar to me, and yet, we were living different lives. It was shocking to hear that they would likely never escape the clutches of poverty because they lacked access to fundamental education and basic healthcare. I felt as though it was my responsibility to take action to help them lead better lives. Through this experience Empower Orphans was created.

    Empower Orphans has many areas of impact for orphaned and underprivileged children including food, healthcare and education. How do you identify which areas and/or children are in need of which kind of support?
    On a geographical basis, we have concentrated our efforts mainly in Northern India and the Philadelphia region. The operating principle of Empower Orphans has always been not only to support children but also be able to verify and measure the impact. My father's extended family lives in Northern India and is regularly verifying that all donations and services are utilized by and for the children and there is no theft. Additionally, I visit India every year to identify new projects by talking directly to the children and then execute the projects. On a regular basis, we receive requests to support orphans and disadvantaged children in Africa and other parts of Asia. Once we have validated these organizations and have a verification process in place, we will expand our coverage.

    What do you think is the key to successful fundraising?
    Networking, passion and perseverance.

    What has been one of your proudest accomplishments with Empower Orphans?
    It has been heartwarming to see how the individuals helped by Empower Orphans are thriving. One example is Meena, a young woman living in a village in northern India. When she was 18, Meena's father lost his job and the family had no other income. Meena believed she had to step up to help the family, so she enrolled in the sewing center established by Empower Orphans. She used her new skills to start her own business and with the money earned, she not only provided for her family, but she also brought electricity to her house for the first time. This enabled her brother, Ram, to study at night and pass his electrician's exam. Now both support their entire family. On one of my recent trips to India, Meena invited me to her home, a small room shared among six people, as a way of thanking me for the opportunity she was given. As Meena cried tears of happiness, she said, "Neha didi, dhanyavaad" or "Neha, my sister, thank you." I started to cry as well, humbled to be considered as part of her family and share their hope.

    If someone wanted to become involved in Empower Orphans, where should he or she begin?
    There are multiple ways that someone can get involved with Empower Orphans:
       1) Identify your cause and start your own fundraising team on our website
       2) Volunteer for our projects in India and US
       3) Donate
       4) Spread the word about Empower Orphans through social media

    To learn more about Neha and her organization, check out the clip below!

  • Degrassi Recap: 'You Are Not Alone'

    Posted on 06/03/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Degrassi is BACK, you guys! School might be out for the summer, but things are just heating up at Degrassi Community. Everyone's trying new things, joining new clubs, and, of course, breaking new rules. If haven't seen "You Are Not Alone," watch in online then read our recap below!

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    With the start of the new spring semester, Maya had an idea to create an arts night at Degrassi organized by the Rubber Room kids. The concept was to turn Degrassi into a space for freedom of expression and creativity... and also to shed the reputation of the Rubber Room kids as no-good-very-bad delinquents.

    But Maya soon found out that Zig has been mixed up in some gang-related activity with Tiny. Zig insisted that gang life was in the past, but Maya was none-too-pleased to find drugs in his backpack—yep, Zig was still caught up in some major trouble. Maya confronted Zig and, to his chagrin, decided to get rid of the drugs. Now Zig would have to face the gang about the missing drugs.

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    Maya continued to meddle in Zig's problems and tried to pay Tiny for the drugs in exchange for Zig's freedom from the gang. Even though Tiny seemed to comply, it appeared that Maya may have made things worse. Later that night, Zig got an angry text from Tiny demanding that he meet him. Zig was hurriedly on his way out the door, when Maya realized the only way to stop him...

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    ...was to kiss him.

    Wasn't Maya just saying that she was still hung up on Miles? Is this a desperate ploy to keep Zig out of trouble? Or does she really like him?

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    Winston was determined to spark a love interest in the Comic Book Club. He wasn't having much luck until Miles' little sister came out of nowhere and took Chuey by surprise. Apparently, not only did she like comic books, but she also likes Winston.

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    After she literally knocked him off his feet (and sent him plunging into the pool), Frankie and Winston kissed!

    But then they quikcly said to each other in unison, "Miles can never know about this." Something tells us such stealthiness is going to be difficult.

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    In the aftermath of the Drew-kissing drama, Clare decided that she needed to keep herself busy by training for a triathlon. She tried to enlist Alli to train with her, but when she opted for Salsa Club with Dallas instead, Clare ventured out on her own.

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    Turns out, new girl Jack coaches the Triathlon Club. And after their first grueling practice, she invited Clare to hang out with her friends at their backyard axe-throwing league. Catapulting axes into a bull's-eye with Drew's face imagined on it was just the emotional and physical release that Clare needed.

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    But did she come on too strong with Jack and her friends? When Alli suggested that Clare might have some new "suitors" (since Jack is a lesbian and all), Clare worried that she may have given Jack the wrong idea. It didn't take long for her to realize, though, that just because Jack was friendly toward her, didn't mean she was into her. Come on, Clare! We coulda told you that!

    It's so Degrassi to start off with a bang, right? What did you all think of this episode? Will Frankie and Winston become� Frankston? Or, Winkie?! Does Maya really like Zig, or is she hastily playing with his emotions again? Sound off in the comments!

  • '90s Are All That: '90s Fashion Throwback!

    Posted on 05/29/2014 by Rachel1016

    Oh hey, '90s fans. Grab your Tomagotchis, lace up your Airwalks, and throw it on back to a time when neon fanny packs, over-sized flannel shirts, backward baseball caps, and explosions of color reigned supreme. You know you loved the ridiculousness of '90s fashion, so we rounded up some of our favorite moments from '90s Nick shows to demonstrate just how sartorially EPIC its characters were!

    Take a look at the outfits from shows like Clarissa Explains It All, Hey Dude!, Alex Mack, Salute Your Shorts, Doug and more, and you'll see that memorable fashion is just one of of the many reasons the '90s were, indeed, all that.

    90s Throwback Fashion

    Gypsy sleeves and patchwork denim? Yes, please. Clarissa taught us many a lesson about owning your personal style.

    90s Throwback Fashion

    The over-sized khaki shorts and all-denim-everything look of the Hey Dude era definitely contributed to our dreams of living on a ranch.

    90s Throwback Fashion

    We just have two words for you: bucket hat.

    Want to see more wacky and totally awesome outfits? Check out the rest of our favorite '90s fashion moments here!

  • Get Inspired With These Four Complete Prom Looks!

    Posted on 05/11/2014 by Rachel1016

    Wahhh, you guys! Prom is just around the corner and the prepping, prom-posing and primping is in full swing! Maybe you're the kind of gal who bought her prom dress back in October, orrr maybe you're like us, and wait until the very last minute to pull together the perfect ensemble (or should we say, PROM-semble?).

    If you are looking for a little sartorial inspiration this prom season, we've taken it upon ourselves to gather four complete prom looks for you. Of course, these outfits are meant to merely guide your already stellar personal sense of style, so check out our vision boards below, and get ready for the best prom EVER!


    Four Complete Prom Looks

    Prom is kind of a big deal, so why hold back? Head-to-toe sequins and a glamorous gold floor-length gown will put the royal touch on an already-majestic eve. To really dress up your ensemble, add a pair of drop diamond earrings (side note: totally fake, totally fine) and a shimmering clutch. Get ready to turn heads, because there's no chance you'll get lost in the (Cupid) shuffle!


    Four Complete Prom Looks

    Is Audrey Hepburn your muse? Do the words "classic" or "timeless" come to mind when describing your personal style? Are you looking to re-purpose that Little Black Dress sitting in your closet? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, throw together a simple black frock, a string of pearls, some black pumps, and a metallic clutch—you've got an elegant, chic and totally economical prom look!


    Four Complete Prom Looks

    A flora-inspired prom outfit is fun and whimsical without being too formal. Short dresses are totally acceptable for prom, and you can enhance your look with a loud color or fun pattern. It's a playful and charming take on the promenade, but a pair of drop earrings and cute up-do can easily add a little extra glam!


    Four Complete Prom Looks

    So, you're planning to name your Facebook album "Morp" because it's "Prom" backwards and you're just cool like that. If you think of prom as an opportunity to go against tradition and experiment with your style, then you might fancy the rebel-prom look—it's a perfect way to mix and match colors, patterns and materials! Who says you can't wear a leather moto jacket to the big dance? And sparkly oxfords? Wayyy more comfortable than heels.

    Now, tell us! Which look do you like best? Which look could you most see yourself wearing? Take our quiz to see if your answer matches up!


  • Five Ways To Have The Perfect Anti-Prom

    Posted on 05/09/2014 by baileyb2112


    It's that magical time of year again--the dress-shopping, corsage-buying and picture-taking that is prom. You can't wait, right?? Wrong. For some people, the idea of prom isn't so magical. Whether that special date never came along, you can't stand the thought of dressing up, or you simply cringe at the idea of prom altogether, never fear! Instead of spending your energy dreading that "special" night, why not throw the BEST ANTI-PROM EVER?! We've come up with five fantastic ways to complete the task, so plan away!

    1. Get outta town! Don't spend your prom night at home with your cat! Why not grab a few friends and get away? Whether it's dinner at that cool new restaurant a few towns over or an entire weekend getaway, try planning something in advance so you have some great anti-prom plans to look forward to! Make sure to take tons of pictures for Facebook and Instagram to show your prom-goers that, hey, prom ain't everything!

    2. Have a prom-themed movie night! Rather than getting all dressed up and spending the night out, cozy up in your sweat pants, gather your favorite snacks and settle down on the couch for a movie marathon. Whether you want to watch something romantic, funny or terrifying, there are plenty of prom-themed movies to choose from. We have to say, those prom horror movies just go to show that the dance of the year isn't always what it's cracked up to be!

    3. Create your own magical evening! While your classmates are off dancing to the soothing tones of Pitbull and Avicii, you can create an atmosphere at home that is truly beautiful and memorable. Set up a table outside under the stars, decorate your porch with string lights and put together your favorite playlist for the evening. Cook a delicious meal with a few friends and enjoy the first warm nights of the summer. There's a chance you won't miss the chaos and noise of "real" prom.

    4. Never grow up! Instead of completing the teenage rite of passage that is prom, why not relive your childhood? Invite your friends over for a night of board games, junk food and Spongebob marathons. Break out the Play-Doh and Legos and rediscover the good old days when EVERYTHING was fun! (But for the record, we fully believe that no matter how old you are, everything can be fun.)

    5. Throw your own bad prom with your friends! Go to your local thrift store and pick out your favorite ugly prom outfit—preferably something colorful with a hideous pattern and shoulder pads from the '80s. Encourage everyone else to dress as ridiculously as possible. Hang a sheet on your wall and set up a photo station to commemorate a night of fun, friends, and hideous outfits.

    So what if prom's not your thing? Get out there and have a good time!

    Got more ideas about having the perfect anti-prom? Comment below and let us know what your plans are! Or, if you want to find how YOU should best spend your alternative prom night, take our quiz!


  • Q&A With May HALO Effect Honoree Eve Nerima

    Posted on 05/07/2014 by Rachel1016

    HALO Effect: Eve Nerima

    Eve Nerima is an 18-year-old high school student with a unique vision and unrelenting commitment to helping others. Originally from Kenya but currently residing in Texas, our HALO Effect honoree for the month of May has drawn on her own personal experiences to not only build compassion for those less fortunate, but help them build better lives. As the chapter president of the Junior World Affairs Council (JWAC) of Dallas/Forth Worth, Eve has devoted her time and energy to raising awareness for children's causes around the globe. From organizing food and clothing drives to holding marathons and other fundraisers, she is a fearless agent of change.

    Check out Eve's full bio here and check out our exclusive Q&A below to learn more about all of her amazing work!

    Congratulations on your HALO Effect award! Can you give us a little background on what Save the Children's Junior World Affair Council (JWAC) does? How does it differ from the larger Save the Children organization?
    Save the Children's Junior World Affairs Council is part of the larger World Affairs Council that has over 45 similar organizations in the Dallas/Forth Worth area. JWAC, as we locally call it, is purposed to help my fellow high school students gain insight, understanding, and information to keep abreast of international affairs. We participate in international community service projects like the Save the Children Marathon Run as well as host Cultural Corners that enable high school students gain insight into the day-to-day life of someone living in another country.

    What is one of the most meaningful projects you've completed with Save the Children's JWAC?
    The most meaningful project that I have been fortunate to complete with JWAC would be the Save the Children Marathon Run that was on October 19th, 2013. This run brought together students from both sides of our friendly high school rivalry in an effort to raise money to help kids survive, thrive and save lives in the hope of a better future. In collaboration with Save Children, our teams and other teams in the United States and around the world raised a total of $92,512. The money that we helped raise continues to help over 74 million children who benefit from programs organized by Save the Children here in the U.S., as well as around the world.

    From your experiences living in Kenya, you've witnessed firsthand how many children are in need of help. How can other young people become educated on the world issues that may not affect their daily lives?
    Over the short course of my life, I have found that information destroys ignorance. My experiences while living in Kenya act as a torch to educate people about the need to be thankful for the small luxuries that we are fortunate to have. Most of my peers aren't able to connect to other worldly issues since they are stuck in their own bubble, but through sharing our experiences, we all become knowledgeable of our surroundings.

    Can you describe some of your responsibilities as president of JWAC? What a huge accomplishment � how did your involvement in the organization lead to holding such an important position?
    As President of JWAC I am responsible for organizing community service projects such as the Save the Children Marathon Run and Kiva Loans project and supervising the Cultural Corner presentations. Being President takes so much more than the simple task of overseeing projects. JWAC members would look up to me for leadership and guidance. My experiences made me a role model to them and even though most people would run from such a high pedestal, I knew I had to step up.

    If someone wanted to become involved with Save the Children, where should he/she begin?
    If someone wanted to get involved with Save the Children, I would advise them to start at their school or community. As long as you're passionate about a cause, anything is achievable. I would also advise them to get in contact with Frances Moore, the Fundraising Manager of Schools & Community Organizations. Any leader needs a strong confidant and she happened to be mine.

  • Stay Teen: Today Is National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

    Posted on 05/07/2014 by Rachel1016

    Stay Teen

    Did you know that nearly 3 in 10 girls in the United States will get pregnant at least once while they're still a teenager? Did you know that less than 50% of teen mothers ever graduate from high school?

    Sure, there's some tough stuff about being a teen that can be hard to avoid (we're looking at you, acne), but teen pregnancy is not one of them. In honor of National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, TeenNick is teaming up with StayTeen.org to raise awareness about the realities of too-early pregnancy. At the end of the day, you and only you can make smart decisions, but we want to help you become informed about sex, relationships, contraception, and the difficult responsibilities that come with teen pregnancy and parenting.

    Head over to StayTeen.org to read up on statistics, and you'll be surprised to learn just how much having a baby before you're ready can affect your school life, your relationships, and your future. For example, did you know that unplanned parenthood is the leading reason why teens drop out of school? Or that more than half of all mothers on welfare had their first child as a teenager?

    And how's this for in-your-face fact: A couple who has unprotected sex (doesn't use condoms or any other kind of contraception, such as birth control) has an 85% chance of getting pregnant within a year. Whoa.

    Check out all of the helpful resources offered by Stayteen.org, and then take this quiz to see how you'd handle tough decisions about sex before you have to make them.

    There are so many AMAZING things about being a teen. Whether it's making the varsity soccer team or carefully planning your route to English class so you'll pass that cute junior in the hallway OR spending your Friday night recreating a Britney Spears music video, who would want to give that up? Keep that future in your own hands, because it's a bright one.

    Stay silly. Stay happy. Stay teen!

    All statistics provided by StayTeen.org.

  • This One Goes Out to Our Favorite TeenNick Moms!

    Posted on 05/06/2014 by Rachel1016

    Psssst. Hey, you. Yeah, YOU! Do you know what's coming up this Sunday? HINT: It typically involves a combination of breakfast, flowers, an overdue "Thank you" (or fifty) and one verrrry special lady! That's right, mark your calendars if you haven't already because this Sunday, May 11th is Mother's Day!

    One day a year, we take the time to celebrate the women in our lives who do SO much for us every single day. And to honor all of the hard-working, loving, and even sometimes wacky female caregivers out there, we rounded up a few of our favorite motherly TeenNick moments (or should we say, MOM-ents?). Check em out below and, hey, don't forget to do something special for your ma this Mother's Day!

    Hey Arnold: Miriam Interrupts Helga

    Nothing kills the mood quite like a reminder from your mom that, erm, you got a full house when you want a flush. Poor Helgs, Miriam's just looking out for you!

    Rugrats: Angelica Gets In Trouble

    Ah, for a fleeting moment, sweet victory! Angelica gets a stern talking-to from her mom and, although she may have shed some tears, we all know her remorse is only temporary.

    Sabrina the Teenage Witch: First Magic Lesson

    Sure, they may have been Sabrina's aunts, but Hilda and Zelda taught Sabrina how to alter reality with supernatural powers. I mean, that's pretty cool.

    Big Time Rush: Don't Forget Sunscreen

    We've all resisted the SPF at some point in our lives, but Kendall's mom will stop at nothing to make sure the BTR boys wear sunscreen!

    Degrassi: Better Man

    Audra gives Drew a much-needed piece of her mind. This interaction between mom and son is just one of those Degrassi moments worthy of a standing ovation. So much truth, so much wisdom.

    iCarly: Eat Your Vegetables

    Freddie's mom: Fighting scurvy and making great television all at once!

    Drake & Josh: Gary Grill

    Only a truly supportive mother will take one for the team and help her sons in their latest entrepreneurial venture. Too bad it turned out to be, like all Drake & Josh schemes, a total scam.

    What are some of your favorite TeenNick MOM-ents? Sound off in the comments, and don't forget to wish your Mom a happy Mother's Day!

  • '90s Are All That: Throwback T-Shirt Challenge!

    Posted on 05/06/2014 by Rachel1016

    Are you a die-hard '90s Nick fan? Do you want to blazon your love for classic shows like Hey Arnold!, Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats and Rocko's Modern Life on your sleeve? Literally?!

    Well, The '90s Are All That and Threadless.com are teaming up to give you fresh (but also totally throwback) '90s Nick T-shirts! All you have to do is go to The '90s Are All That Facebook page and vote for your favorite fan-made T-shirt design for your chance to win a free tee! Just 'like' your fave on Facebook, and you'll be automatically entered to win (but make sure to check out official rules here! Then, tune in on Monday, May 19 for a special Threadless Mixtape Monday to see which design wins!

    Check out these killer, limited-edition designs:

    '90s Threadless

    Did someone break wind? You know you want the gruesome twosome Ren & Stimpy immortalized on your shirt!

    '90s Threadless

    Stimpy's serving major face in this design.

    '90s Threadless

    The science of Reptar! A lesson we'd all do well to learn.

    '90s Threadless

    Epic and self-explanatory.

    '90s Threadless

    Aw, puh puh puh. Look at those best buds: Rocko, Filburt, Heffer and Spunky holding each other up.

    '90s Threadless

    Subtle and cool. The way Rocko desperately wished his life could be.

    LOVE these designs? Want to score one for yourself? Go to The '90s Are All That Facebook page 'like' your fave to vote!