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  • A Red-Hot Peace Offering

    Posted on 08/23/2011 by Lisa

    Bianca + Imogen = BFFs?
    Bianca + Imogen = BFFs?

    A lot of love stuff happened tonight (Dave and Alli... sigh, Wesley and Hannah... yay!), but I want to talk about the way Bianca and Imogen seem to be bonding.

    Despite Bianca's "I never wanted to be your friend!" line, tonight's episode made it pretty clear that she needs someone to confide in. Imogen seems to be holding up alright post-Eli, but she could probably use a friend, too. I didn't see this friendship coming, but in a weird way, it totally works. I can picture Bianca and Imogen still hanging out in twenty years, being like "Hey, remember that red lingerie?" and laughing about it.

    But on the other hand, Bianca is in REAL trouble... and we've seen Imogen do some pretty crazy, unpredictable stuff. Is this friendship destined for disaster? Keep in mind that Imogen threw herself on the floor to protect Eli from getting in trouble. How far would she go to protect Bianca from Vince?

    Meanwhile... it was killing me tonight that there were police everywhere (pulling Wesley over, stopping the poker game), except where the real danger was. Props to Brendan Jeffers, the actor who plays Vince, for creeping me out in a major way during tonight's episode!

    Got any thoughts on this Imogen/Bianca stuff? Do friendships get ship names? What are you calling this one?

  • Songs from Degrassi: "Drop it Like it's Hot, pt. 2"

    Posted on 08/23/2011 by Ryanmcl

    DEGRASSI SPOILERS below if you haven't seen the new episode yet. But if you watched and need to know what songs were playing, the generous Degrassi Music Team is happy to share the info and the stories behind how the songs got there!

    TeenNick's Degrassi

    "Science Is Religion" by The William Blakes
    The Goldberg Machine montage. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
    "This is one of those songs that can only be placed in one scene -- and we're thrilled that Wesley became such an important character who merits his own theme song. If anyone on Degrassi ever had a theme song, it's Wesley and "Science Is Religion"."

  • Lying, Cheating, and Stealing

    Posted on 08/22/2011 by Lisa

    SPOILERS BELOW, PEOPLE. Keep reading if you've seen "Drop It Like It's Hot, pt. 1." If you haven't seen it yet, go retake the "How 'Now or Never' Are You?" quiz or something. :)

    Yes, Liam. Hannah is awesome. But she's taken.
    She likes you, Wesley. Don't stress.

    Oh... the things we do for love.

    Wesley -- sweet, honest Wesley! -- is lying to impress Hannah. Dude, she LIKES you. Stop feeling threatened, before you screw it up.

    Alli worked her butt off to earn her parents' respect. So WHY is she cheating at poker to make extra money? To impress Dave. Sigh, sigh, sigh. (And don't get me started on the fact that Dave almost has sex before he's ready. I'm still shaking my head about that one.)

    Bianca is so afraid of Vince that she's willing to deal drugs for him, and when she can't find a buyer, she steals money from Imogen. It's killing me to see her trying so hard to protect Drew, especially since he had no idea it's happening.

    There were some major Now or Never decisions tonight, but were ANY of them good? Which lying-cheaty-stealy mistake do you think is destined to have the worst repercussions?

    p.s. I'm not sure I'm prepared for the rest of "Degrassi: Now or Never." Tonight's ep seemed to be stirring up all sorts of new trouble.


  • Songs from Degrassi: "Drop it Like it's Hot, pt. 1"

    Posted on 08/22/2011 by Ryanmcl

    DEGRASSI SPOILERS below if you haven't seen the new episode yet. But if you watched and need to know what songs were playing, the generous Degrassi Music Team is happy to share the info and the stories behind how the songs got there!

    TeenNick's Degrassi

    " Poker Face" by Lady Gaga
    Alli's Degrassi poker tournament. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
    "When they wrote this episode, the idea of having this Lady Gaga song was only that, an idea. We put it out to the world and it came back approved, and everyone was on pins and needles in anticipation of the cut. Turns out it was pretty much the only song for the scene, where Alli (who, coincidentally, is probably a huge Gaga fan) robs her competitors blind."

    "Nothing Man" by Kilolla
    Alli buys Dave's love. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
    "We kept this song around for a special spot; it's lyrics and driving beat were a perfect Degrassi vibe. The special spot turned out to be Alli doing some questionable dealings... with all eyes on her, of course."

    "All Eyes" by Imagine Dragons
    Alli is planning something big... and lying to Dave. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
    "Lyrics and melody, the beautiful combination of the two, landed this song in this scene. We originally thought it'd be perfect for Anya's storyline, but there was never a spot for it, so it tumbled its way into Alli's world, where yes, she lied and cheated her way to the top."

  • Behind the Scenes on the "Our Deal" video shoot!

    Posted on 08/20/2011 by Mary

    Watch this video to go behind the scenes at the Best Coast "Our Deal" shoot, and find out how they put together those looks (especially that HAIR!) Including interviews with Donald Glover, Alia Shawkat, Drew Barrymore, Tyler Posey, Chloe Moretz... and of course, Nick's very own Miranda Cosgrove.

  • Best Coast's adorable "Our Deal" w/ Miranda Cosgrove - Extended Version

    Posted on 08/20/2011 by Mary

    Check out the extra-long, extra-dreamy version of the Best Coast "Our Deal" video, featuring Miranda Cosgrove and directed by Drew Barrymore! Full on Outsiders-ville, with a rumble, and cute greaser boys, and tragedy. The shortform video is on Obsessed This this week.

  • Closure for E-Clare?

    Posted on 08/18/2011 by Mary

    SPOILERSSSSSSSS BENEATH. LOOK OUT. Watch "Extraordinary Machine, pt. 2" before reading.

    The vast majority of people in our 'Does Eli have a shot?' Facebook poll yesterday said that while Clare isn't 100% over her feelings for Eli, she's definitely done dating him. And based on tonight's ep (and on E!'s interview with Aislinn Paul), that sounds about right to me.

    I'm curious what the hardcore "no retreat, no surrender!" E-Clare shippers out there are feeling after this episode. Those final moments -- Clare putting a stamp of finality on things ("I'm just glad... he and I can go our separate ways."), followed by Clare making the following face:

    Clare contemplates going separate ways from Eli on Degrassi
    Eli and Clare can "go their separate ways" now. What would you call this emotion? Uncertainty? Peace? Regret? Wist?

    ... followed by Eli walking out of Degrassi feeling like he now finally has a shot at getting his life back under control, while Clare watches silently:

    Degrassi's Eli, finally ready to move on
    Eli, finally ready to move on. What's Clare feeling here?

    Holy poignancy! Did any of the hardcore E-Clare fans get any sense of closure out of tonight's ep? Let us know in the comments...

    Oh, and speaking of poignant. Oh my God. Jenna and KC watching Tyson get carried out of their lives? That was the worst. I know I wasn't the only one doing the ugly cry watching that scene. And Jenna just looked numb. I'm sure she has yet to really fully process her emotions about it, even if she feels sure they made the right decision. (Makes you think about what Holly J's birth mom went through when she gave her up -- wasn't Holly J eleven months old, too?)

    What's crazy is: that scene destroyed me, and yet it can't even hold a candle to the true level of sadness that moment would rise to in real life.

    It's especially hard because they had no happy options left. Raise Tyson, constantly struggling... to complete high school (if Jenna could ever really make it back at all), to make enough money to live on, to find any time to take care of their own needs (such as for instance, "having any fun")? Or give up Tyson, and break their own hearts to tiny, sad, little pieces in the process.

    The only happy options they ever had existed before they ever got pregnant. They could have held off on sex, or they could have used protection every single time.

    Jenna and KC cry after saying goodbye to their baby, Tyson.
    Jenna and KC bawl after saying goodbye to Tyson

  • Songs from Degrassi: "Extraordinary Machines, pt. 2"

    Posted on 08/18/2011 by Ryanmcl

    DEGRASSI SPOILERS below if you haven't seen the new episode yet. But if you watched and need to know what songs were playing, the generous Degrassi Music Team is happy to share the info and the stories behind how the songs got there!

    TeenNick's Degrassi

    "Counting On You" by Rachael Cantu
    Students setting up for the play. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
    " A bubbly, upbeat song with positive lyrics, perfect for the beginning of any Degrassi episode. In this case, we've got busy beavers creating the set for Eli's play, and we can feel the friendly stress of it all as if we were there. Sit back and enjoy."

    "Taurus Chorus" by Abbe May
    Imogen's wheels are turning...she sets up Clare. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
    "It only took the first 10 seconds of this song for us to decide it was perfect for Imogen. If Imogen ever had a theme song, this would be it. We laid it up so as to get inside her head, and feel what she's feeling, see the wheels turning... what's she going to do next?"

    "In The Belly of a Whale" by Scott Orr
    KC & Jenna give away their baby. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
    "This is possibly one of the saddest moments in Degrassi history. This song will mean something different to each of you, and even the writer, Scott Orr, won't tell us what it means. It's an extremely personal moment -- whether a good or bad feeling, we're saying goodbye to the smallest character on Degrassi."

    "Big Bird in a Small Cage" by Patrick Watson
    End of Eli's play. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
    "We experimented with different songs and score here, and the combination of both, but in the end reprising this Patrick Watson song from the beginning of the season was the right thing to do. Not only did it create a bookend to Eli's story, but it followed Eli, thematically, as he drew his own conclusions about life, and as we felt his struggles with him."

    "Right For You" by Hilary Grist
    Eli walks away from Clare, smiling. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
    "There was more than one Hilary Grist song we were considering for the show, but this one stuck out the most. The piano chords struck perfectly in the slow-motion picture, and Eli's "everything is going to be ok" smile made it all the better."

  • Love is complicated

    Posted on 08/17/2011 by Lisa

    Relationships are tricky sometimes (as everyone working on Eli's play "Love Roulette" knows!), but they become infinitely more complicated when there's a baby involved. WARNING: Spoilers below. Don't read any further if you haven't seen the latest episode!

    In "Extraordinary Machine, pt. 1," Eli seems more messed up over Clare than ever, and Owen calls Anya "pathetic" before ditching her at the pool hall. It's always hard to watch relationships crumble, but can you imagine if there were a baby involved in either of those situations? I'm cringing just thinking about it.

    K.C. and Jenna both had so much going for them last year. He was a star athlete at Degrassi, and her music career seemed to be taking off. Then, Jenna found out she was pregnant, and they had a baby, and K.C. cheated, and Jenna hated being a teen mom, and they couldn't agree about what to do next.

    If they weren't parents, K.C. and Jenna could just go their separate ways, but they've got someone else to think about -- Tyson. According to StayTeen.org, he could be in for a tough life. Children of teen mothers typically do worse in school than kids born to older parents. They're 50% more likely to repeat a grade, they're less likely to complete high school, and they get lower scores on standardized tests. I read that, and was like "But he's just a baby! A cute baby! Don't tell me he won't graduate!"

    Jenna, Tyson, and K.C.
    Is Tyson better off with other parents?

    Predict Tyson's Future... adoption or no adoption. What do YOU think is best for him?

    * If you could fast-forward time and see Tyson enroll at Degrassi, what do you think his life might be like if he's raised by Ed and Kathy? (Keep in mind, it's an open adoption, so he won't have to wonder who his birth parents are -- he'll know.)

    * What do you think Tyson might be like in high school if K.C. and Jenna raise him? Do you think he'll turn out ok?

  • Songs from Degrassi: "Extraordinary Machines, pt. 1"

    Posted on 08/17/2011 by Ryanmcl

    DEGRASSI SPOILERS below if you haven't seen the new episode yet. But if you watched and need to know what songs were playing, the generous Degrassi Music Team is happy to share the info and the stories behind how the songs got there!

    TeenNick's Degrassi

    "Uh Oh" by Junior Doctor
    Eli spits out his pill before class. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
    "Not only a perfect car radio song, "Uh Oh" also led us into Eli's mind for a bit. The band was very excited for the placement."
    In fact, they want Degrassi fans to have a free download of a special acoustic version of the song! Right-click this link and select "Save Target As" to download the free acoustic version of "Uh Oh"!
    And old school Degrassi fans take note: Cassie Steele (Manny) is actually in the video for the song! Click here to watch!

    "Same Mood Today" by The Heartbroken
    Imogen and Eli make out at the end of the episode. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
    "This is such a lovely song that deserved a tender, albeit a bit misguided, moment in Degrassi history. The lyrics juxtapose with the scene, as Eli is never in the same mood anymore, but he's not looking or listening either."

    Other songs in tonight's Degrassi:
    "Save Yourself" by Centrevol
    "I Need (Your Love)" by The Lions Rampant
    "Put Up a Fight" by Comasoft
    "Outrage" by Sister Sin
    "Same Mood Today" by The Heartbroken