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  • That Hidden Temple Fever Is Spreading

    Posted on 10/03/2011 by Ryanmcl

    So, this week has just gotten crazy with Hidden Temple Fever.

    There are a bunch of full episodes of Legends of The Hidden Temple on the 90sareallthat.com.

    In honor of this awesomeness let's check out some of the best parts of The Hidden Temple!


    Don't let the rough exterior fool you, this man may be made of rock, but deep down this "talking-rock" is one of the most knowledgeable pieces of stone I've laid witness to. He's got an extensive knowledge of myths and legends, and he's not afraid to show it off either, chicks love this.

    The Silver Monkey

    This one could go either way depending on where you stand, this bad boy was only three pieces to put together but also the downfall of about %75 of contestants that attempted. They may have just been rushed during the heat of the moment, but usually the head goes on top!

    Temple Guards

    This can go either way too. I just have to shout out my respect to these guys for all of the sleepless nights throughout my childhood. I still carry a Pendant of Life with me, wherever I go. Just in case, I mean, you never know these days.

    Also, an interesting fact about The Legend of Shaka Zulu, this episode holds the record for the fastest time a team got through the Temple Run. The Red Jaguars were able to get through it in 1 minute 46 seconds!

    That's UNHEARD OF!

    See you guys soon!


  • House of Anubis: Who's the Snoggable-est?

    Posted on 10/01/2011 by Lisa

    I'm an Anubis newbie (I'm Anubie, haha!). I just started watching the show this week. Now I keep hoping I'll meet a cool old lady on the street and she'll give me a necklace with special powers.

    Today, I'd like to present a few Anubis cuties for your approval:

    Fabian from House of Anubis
    Fabian (played by Brad Kavanagh)

    Alfie from House of Anubis
    Alfie (played by Alex Sawyer)

    Mick from House of Anubis
    Mick (played by Bobby Lockwood)

    Hearing their British accents reminded me of this quiz Mary wrote a while back called What's Your Snogging Style? If you want to know what it'd be like to make out with one of those guys, go take the quiz!

    Whether you've seen the show yet or not, which of these guys do you consider the snoggable-est?

  • Eli's Locker Roll

    Posted on 09/30/2011 by The-Gaby

    A lot of you commented on my last post about Eli's already-classic locker roll. I did some digging and "supplize"!

    Sometimes, a locker roll is all you need to show a friend you care.

  • It's Worldwide Day of Play!

    Posted on 09/24/2011 by The-Gaby
    It might rain, but we won't stop playing!

    The Worldwide Day of Play is ON and we're out and about with Nick Stars and All-Stars! That's right - from 12p to 3p we're going off the air and on to The Ellipse for music, sports and more. So come with and play with us!

    Here are the deets. You in?

  • U-Pick Fridays Return!

    Posted on 09/23/2011 by Ryanmcl

    Hey Dudes, (and ladies)

    Fall is here weather we like it or not...get it!

    But I digress; Fall seems to have that distinguishing smell of back to school. I can recall heading back home from school at 3 ploppin' on the couch with some Ssips Iced Tea and Dunkaroos, (awesome combination, I know) watching my favorite Nick shows 'til Mom got home.

    Anywho, now may be the greatest time in your life if you grew up on '90s Nick. Starting today you can go to 90sareallthat.com.and vote on which episodes you want to see and then on Friday, Oct. 7th we're going to air them.

    Oh yeah! This isn't just a one time thing folks, you can vote for the new Friday night lineup all month long, hosted by none other than Stick Stickly himself!

    That's right. Let the awesomeness sink in for a minute.

    So ask your boss if you can leave early because you have to join this revolution, I'm sure they'll understand.

    Wonder what Stick's been up to after all this time...? Any thoughts?

    Tell us at #pobox963!

    See you guys soon!


  • Degrassi OMG Moments: The B-Sides

    Posted on 09/21/2011 by The-Gaby

    This season has been quite the emotional roller-coaster ride. There were heart-breaks. There were hook ups. There were super-scary-creepy-Vince moments. And then there were those fleeting random moments that add to the Degrassi-ness of it all. This is what I'm talking about...


    Probably one of the most emotional moments of the summer... and K.C. was a total jerk at the time, but when he walked into his own mess with that one-liner, I couldn't help but want that in my vocabulary as soon as possible.

    Mr. Tuxedo Pants

    Fiona: "What's that?"
    Charlie: "Mr. Tuxedo Pants."

    Probably the coolest cat name ever! I'm totally an animal person, so when I saw Mr. Tuxedo Pants, it made me want my own Mr. Tuxedo Pants...maybe even a Mrs. Tuxedo Pants so they can have play dates.

    More bread?

    Let's break this down.

    It's the season finale, we're at prom, and we've got Drew sitting between Bianca and Katie - nothing can be more awkward and intense, right? Wrong. Eli swoops in with unprecedented serving abilities and exclaims, "More breeead?"

    Props to Eli for making this a true Golds-worthy moment.

    What were your favorite Degrassi bits from this season?

  • The votes are in, and Zoey won.

    Posted on 09/17/2011 by Lisa

    The other day I asked TeenNick's blog readers to vote for their favorite Zoey 101 character, and Zoey won (Oh, won!) Weird... it's almost like the title of the show predicted the results of our poll. :)

    In celebration of her win, here are some nice big pictures of Zoey:

    Zoey, close up!
    Zoey, close up!

    Zoey, chillin' at PCA
    Zoey, chillin' at PCA

  • Who's your fave Zoey 101 character?

    Posted on 09/15/2011 by Lisa

    Have you been chillin' on the couch every afternoon, wishing you went to PCA?

    I get it. I really do. I love Degrassi as much as the next girl, but sometimes I just want a happy little show that makes me laugh. Zoey 101 does the job. If you're a closet Zoey fan, stop being embarrassed. There's nothing wrong with watching silly TV once in a while. Be proud that you've found a way to de-stress! In fact, why not print out this pic and hang it in your locker?

    Quinn, Michael, Dustin, Lola, Zoey, and Logan (Not pictured: Chase and Nicole)
    Quinn, Michael, Dustin, Lola, Zoey, and Logan (Not pictured: Chase and Nicole)

    Question: Who's your favorite Zoey 101 character? I'll check who gets the most votes and put a nice big picture of that person in the blog on Saturday. More locker decor for the true Zoey 101 fans. :D

  • Make a HALO video and you could be on TeenNick.

    Posted on 09/14/2011 by Lisa

    Attention, awesome people of the world! Each year, the TeenNick HALO Awards honor four real teens who are making a difference, but this year, we want to get everyone involved.

    Here's the deal:

    * Make a short video (one minute or less) about what you're doing to make your community a better place. If you're Helping And Leading Others in a big way -- or even in a small way -- we want to know. Talk to the camera, and tell us your story.

    * Upload your video to TeenNick! Get all the details and instructions right here.

    * Tell your most amazing and inspiring friends about this contest, and urge them to make a HALO video, too. Tweet about it, post a link on Facebook... do your thing.

    You might see yourself (and your friends!) on TeenNick or teennick.com in the weeks leading up to the HALO Awards. If we share your video with the world, your HALO story could encourage other young people to get more involved in their communities, and that's what the HALO Awards are all about.

    Upload a HALO video!

  • Have you taken the Degrassi character quiz lately?

    Posted on 09/13/2011 by Lisa

    If not, it's worth a click -- I just updated it with a bunch of new characters.

    I just took the quiz to make sure it's working right, and I got Imogen.
    Which Degrassi Character Are You?

    I was like "Really? I'm Imogen?" and then I thought about it:

    *We both have crazy hair (she's always trying new hair styles; my hair is bright pink).
    *A lot of people at Degrassi think Imogen's kind of freaky. I suspect a few people in my life feel the same way about me.
    *We're both attracted to creative people.
    *I'm not nearly as dramatic as Imogen is, but I do like her style. For example, I'd wear the dress she has on in this pic:

    Eli, Clare, Imogen and Jake want you to take the Degrassi character quiz.
    Eli, Clare, Imogen and Jake want you to take the Degrassi character quiz.

    So... Which Degrassi Character Are You? Does your quiz result fit your personality?