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90 Games
  • iSave iCarly game

    iSave iCarly

    Play this game to save iCarly!

  • iPinball game


    Your crew will have a ball playing the classic game with an iCarly twist.

  • Pak Rat game

    Pak Rat

    Chomp some cheese in this classic iCarly game!

  • iKick Butt game

    iKick Butt

    Get Carly ready for her fight with Shelby!

  • Fashion Fury game

    Fashion Fury

    Whip up a killer outfit in seconds flat in this game.

  • Skit Scavenger game

    Skit Scavenger

    Find the funny! Play this "iCarly" game now!

  • Can You Manage? game

    Can You Manage?

    Keep the rockin' bros in line in this game! Play now!

  • The Spectacular Showdown game

    The Spectacular Showdown

    Show off your "Spectacular" moves in this game!

  • Jewel Jumble game

    Jewel Jumble

    This "True Jackson" puzzle game's a real gem! Play now!

  • Pirate Booty game

    Pirate Booty

    Dive for sunken treasure in this game!

  • Break the Ice game

    Break the Ice

    Warm up with this super cool game!

  • Best Christmas Ever! game

    Best Christmas Ever!

    Collect holiday pals for the best Christmas parade EVER!

  • iSushi Madness game

    iSushi Madness

    Get schooled in sushi! Play now!

  • Fashion Designer game

    Fashion Designer

    Are you a TRUE designer? Play & find out!

  • Fashionista Fix game

    Fashionista Fix

    Got what it takes to conquer the catwalk? Find out!

  • iKissed Him First game

    iKissed Him First

    It's Carly versus Sam in a battle for a BOY! Play now!

  • Catch The Bubbles game

    Catch The Bubbles

    Dive in, click the bubbles and see what they hide!

  • Sea Park game

    Sea Park

    Can you keep a pet dolphin happy? Play to find out!

  • Rescue Cleo game

    Rescue Cleo

    Help Emma rescue Cleo before she becomes a fish filet!

  • Studio Swing game

    Studio Swing

    Avoid rock 'n roll's treacherous pitfalls in this classic "Naked Brothers Band" game!

  • Bounce 'n' Burst game

    Bounce 'n' Burst

    You gotta be quick to hang with the gang from TEENnick!, gotw