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  • Degrassi High School Shuffle game

    Degrassi High School Shuffle

    Can you help keep the peace at Degrassi?

  • Tarot Card Reader game

    Tarot Card Reader

    Love? Money? Friends? What's in the cards for you? Play now and find out!

  • Moesha Reunited game

    Moesha Reunited

    Help these Moesha characters fix their friendships fast! Play now!

  • Compatomatic Lovebot 3000 game

    Compatomatic Lovebot 3000

    Are you a match? Or better as friends? Find out, play Compatomatic Lovebot 3000!

  • Rummy Solitaire game

    Rummy Solitaire

    It's solitaire, Degrassi style! Play now!

  • Avatar University game

    Avatar University

    High School is so last year, it's time to go to Avatar U! Play now!

  • Avatar High game

    Avatar High

    Can you make the grade? Play Avatar High!

  • Heart Pounder game

    Heart Pounder

    Are you a heartbreaker? Play Heartpounder and smash as many hearts as you can!

  • Can You Manage? game

    Can You Manage?

    Keep the rockin' bros in line in this game! Play now!

  • iKissed Him First game

    iKissed Him First

    It's Carly versus Sam in a battle for a BOY! Play now!

  • Girl Trouble game

    Girl Trouble

    Nat's on the run from swarming female fans! Help him get to the show on time!

  • Perfect Moment game

    Perfect Moment

    Unfabulous: What's Your Perfect Moment? Take our practically perfect quiz!