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73 Games
  • Degrassi High School Shuffle game

    Degrassi High School Shuffle

    Can you help keep the peace at Degrassi?

  • The '90s Are All Cat game

    The '90s Are All Cat

    Play your favorite 90s tunes with some feline friends, or make your own song to share!

  • Dish It Out! game

    Dish It Out!

    It's your shift at The Dot, and the Degrassi students are ready to order! Do whatever it takes to serve 'em what they want.

  • Degrassi Couples game

    Degrassi Couples

    Vote for your favorite Degrassi couples-real or imagined. Then see which pairs rank the highest!

  • Degrassi's Most Epic Kisses game

    Degrassi's Most Epic Kisses

    Rank the most momentous kisses in Degrassi history!

  • Rank It!: Who Inspires YOU? game

    Rank It!: Who Inspires YOU?

    Pick who inspires you the most and see who are the most inspirational people!

  • Nick Racers Revolution 3D game

    Nick Racers Revolution 3D

    Rev your engines, it's time for Revolution!

  • True Top Model game

    True Top Model

    Dress Your Models for the Paris runways before time runs out!

  • First Day Freak Out game

    First Day Freak Out

    Tori's art school classmates need help!

  • Big Time game

    Big Time

    Play the game. Hit the beats. Feel the RUSH!

  • Tarot Card Reader game

    Tarot Card Reader

    Love? Money? Friends? What's in the cards for you? Play now and find out!

  • Moesha Reunited game

    Moesha Reunited

    Help these Moesha characters fix their friendships fast! Play now!

  • Compatomatic Lovebot 3000 game

    Compatomatic Lovebot 3000

    Are you a match? Or better as friends? Find out, play Compatomatic Lovebot 3000!

  • Rummy Solitaire game

    Rummy Solitaire

    It's solitaire, Degrassi style! Play now!

  • Avatar University game

    Avatar University

    High School is so last year, it's time to go to Avatar U! Play now!

  • Avatar High game

    Avatar High

    Can you make the grade? Play Avatar High!

  • Power House game

    Power House

    This house's power meter is MAXED! Help them go green!

  • Heart Pounder game

    Heart Pounder

    Are you a heartbreaker? Play Heartpounder and smash as many hearts as you can!

  • iSave iCarly game

    iSave iCarly

    Play this game to save iCarly!

  • iPinball game


    Your crew will have a ball playing the classic game with an iCarly twist.

  • Pak Rat game

    Pak Rat

    Chomp some cheese in this classic iCarly game!