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  • Degrassi High School Shuffle game

    Degrassi High School Shuffle

    Can you help keep the peace at Degrassi?

  • Big Time game

    Big Time

    Play the game. Hit the beats. Feel the RUSH!

  • What I Like About This Game game

    What I Like About This Game

    There are two ways to get things done. The right way, and the Holly way.

  • Tarot Card Reader game

    Tarot Card Reader

    Love? Money? Friends? What's in the cards for you? Play now and find out!

  • Clones Gone Wild game

    Clones Gone Wild

    Clones...gone...wild...must...play now!

  • Moesha Reunited game

    Moesha Reunited

    Help these Moesha characters fix their friendships fast! Play now!

  • Rummy Solitaire game

    Rummy Solitaire

    It's solitaire, Degrassi style! Play now!

  • Power House game

    Power House

    This house's power meter is MAXED! Help them go green!

  • Heart Pounder game

    Heart Pounder

    Are you a heartbreaker? Play Heartpounder and smash as many hearts as you can!

  • iSave iCarly game

    iSave iCarly

    Play this game to save iCarly!

  • Skit Scavenger game

    Skit Scavenger

    Find the funny! Play this "iCarly" game now!

  • Jewel Jumble game

    Jewel Jumble

    This "True Jackson" puzzle game's a real gem! Play now!

  • iSushi Madness game

    iSushi Madness

    Get schooled in sushi! Play now!

  • Fashion Designer game

    Fashion Designer

    Are you a TRUE designer? Play & find out!

  • Fashionista Fix game

    Fashionista Fix

    Got what it takes to conquer the catwalk? Find out!

  • Bounce 'n' Burst game

    Bounce 'n' Burst

    You gotta be quick to hang with the gang from TEENnick!, gotw

  • What's the Diff? game

    What's the Diff?

    Test your eagle eye with this "Zoey" game!

  • Gift Shift game

    Gift Shift

    Exchange and swap gifts with Zoey her crew!

  • Stack 'n' Stash game

    Stack 'n' Stash

    Test your total recall with this "iCarly" memory game!

  • The Curse of PCA game

    The Curse of PCA

    Help Chase rescue Zoey from a marauding ghost!

  • Micro Game Madness game

    Micro Game Madness

    It's fast, it's furious...and it's five games in one!