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73 Games
  • Girl Trouble game

    Girl Trouble

    Nat's on the run from swarming female fans! Help him get to the show on time!

  • Micro Game Madness game

    Micro Game Madness

    It's fast, it's furious...and it's five games in one!

  • Micro Game Madness game

    Micro Game Madness

    It's fast, it's furious...and it's five games in one!

  • Rock 'n Road Tour game

    Rock 'n Road Tour

    Burn some rubber with the Naked Brothers!

  • Gotta Bounce game

    Gotta Bounce

    Help Jordan and Tony juggle on the job...without getting canned!

  • Romeo!: Word Search game

    Romeo!: Word Search

    Word up! Test your knowledge of Romeo's new show!

  • Perfect Moment game

    Perfect Moment

    Unfabulous: What's Your Perfect Moment? Take our practically perfect quiz!

  • Dance Party game

    Dance Party

    Move and groove with Chase from "Zoey 101"!

  • Romeo!: Hangman game

    Romeo!: Hangman

    Guess the right letters or it's bye-bye bling-bling!

  • Guitar Goddess game

    Guitar Goddess

    Got rhythm? Rock out with Addie and the "Unfabulous" crew!

  • PCA Puppy Academy game

    PCA Puppy Academy

    Help the "Zoey" gang keep these puppies in line!

  • Gear Grab game

    Gear Grab

    Collect tons of cool stuff in this frantic Drake & Josh game!

  • Squirt Gun Run game

    Squirt Gun Run

    Help Jordan stay fly and dry in this super soggy game!

  • Word Search game

    Word Search

    This week's homework: Find all the Zoey words you can handle!

  • Nerd No More game

    Nerd No More

    Got a passion for fashion? Turn these nerds into hunks!

  • Whateverrr Scrunchie Shoot game

    Whateverrr Scrunchie Shoot

    Splat the Whateverrr Girls with your scrunchie slingshot—and don't stop!

  • Really Big Shrimp game

    Really Big Shrimp

    Help Drake solve his really big problem...really big shrimp!

  • Word Search game

    Word Search

    Wanna prove you're All That? Stop laughing and start searching!

  • Personality Quiz game

    Personality Quiz

    Find out which Unfabulous star you're most UN-like!

  • Slider game


    Even Skeeter can't scheme his way out of this one!

  • Just Jordan Hangman game

    Just Jordan Hangman

    Solve the words or Jordan pays the price...literally!