Posting Rules

At, we want you to be yourself, and to speak as you would normally, about the same things you would usually talk about with your friends in real life. But since we are responsible for the content of, we have to have standards about what can and can't appear on the site. In order to post anything on TeenNick, you must abide by the Terms of Use and by these rules as well:

  1. In order to post on message boards, blogs, guestbooks, send Mail and upload images to the site, you must be a registered user of If you have not registered and would like to please Click Here
  2. Don't give out, or ask other people for, Personally Identifying Information (or PII). PII is anything that would allow a person to contact you elsewhere or find you in real life, because that can be extremely dangerous. PII includes IM screennames, email addresses, phone numbers, your full name, etc.
  3. Don't curse too hard. Mild cursing -- like 'damn', 'hell', 'friggin'' or 'he made such an ass of himself''-- is tolerable, if you just cannot help yourself. But the serious, detention-worthy stuff won't fly. And if you manage to say something totally vulgar without using any curse words, or just mask out some letters in a harsh curse word, that's not OK either.
  4. Don't post copyrighted material, or pretend you created something when someone else actually made it.
  5. No graphic or gratuitous discussions of sex are allowed in message board posts, blogs or Mail. Explicit photos and images are not allowed, and uploading them may result in your account being deactivated.
  6. Don't post, submit or send anything that glorifies, encourages, or tells people how to do things that are violent, illegal, or harmful to themselves and/or others.
  7. Don't use hate speech in's community -message boards, guestbooks, blogs and Mail, or upload images containing offensive depictions of people. That includes negative stereotypes, racial epithets (like negative words used to describe a group of people), and bigotry.
  8. Don't get into flame wars. We want you to discuss your opinions and express yourself. But don't insult other people on the site or in Mail to get your point across, please.
  9. Saying cruel and demeaning things about other people in the TeenNick community or people you know in real life is not OK. Talking trash about a politician or other public figure might be OK, but please be mindful of the other rules which would apply to any such opinions
  10. Don't offer or request advice on message boards, guestbooks, Mail or blogs that should really be coming from a professional. That includes the kind of stuff you should be discussing with a guidance counselor, doctor, therapist, police officer, or lawyer.
  11. Don't post ads on the message boards, even if it's for something you made yourself like a zine or website. You can write about it in your blog.
  12. No chain letters, pyramid schemes, virus warnings or other 'spam' on the message boards.
  13. Don't use message boards to take surveys, even if it's for a school project.
  14. Message board hints:
    • Spoilers- Don't post spoilers in any forum EXCEPT the "Spoilers" forum.
    • Stay on-topic. There's a place for every subject -- if it doesn't belong somewhere specific, please put it in General Discussion. Off-topic posts can be reported and will be deleted even if they don't break any other rules, because they drive people CRAZY.

If something you posted on was removed, it might be because it broke one or more of these rules. If you have questions, please contact us at click here. Thank you for being part of TeenNick!