Recommendations has changed the way it brings your child the most popular and relevant games and videos. We want to give them the content that interests them most. To accomplish that, we will evaluate their activity on to discover the videos and games they’d love the most! To collect this information, we use browser cookies to learn which pages a user visits.

Here’s how we collect the data and what we do with it:

All data is collected anonymously and can never be tied back to the individual person. Any information collected through this feature will never be used for third party marketing. just wants to give you the best experience possible.

For example, we are only interested in finding out that your child loves Penguins of Madagascar games, so we can recommend other fun Penguins games and videos. Or that they can’t get enough of iCarly clips, so we can suggest additional videos and games they might enjoy.

If you are uncomfortable with these recommendations, you can always opt out, by clicking here. Once you have opted out, will no longer collect any information about your child’s online activity and your child will not receive any personalized recommendations. Please note that all users will receive recommendations in Related Games, Related Videos and You Might Also Like sections. Opting out, or removing cookies, will result in recommendations based on site-wide demographics and not your individual child’s site activity.

If you have previous opted out and wish to opt back in to personalized recommendations, you may do so by clicking here.

While you're here, please read our Ground Rules and the Online Safety Guide and talk with your child about Internet safety.

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