Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures: Set Pics photo album

  • Never Boring Boardwalk
    Dillon Lane and Taylor Gray know the yummiest spots-- you butter believe it!
  • Tasty Tacos
    These surf dudes love getting major air on the waves, but they can't say no to ground beef.
  • Skinner's Spot
    The scene is set for epic adventures! Surfs up!
  • Welcome A-board
    Leave the boardwalk, check the chalk-board!
  • So Cool SoCal
    If Bucket plays things right, he could take Kelly on a date here!
  • Raising the Bar
    Water, water everywhere. So give us lemonade!
  • Bucket's Booths
    The perfect place to relax and get some snacks!
  • Everything's Beachy Keen!
    Bucket and Skinner love getting some R&R on this sweet So-Cal sand.
  • Surf Shop!
    Skinner's always trying to get out of work, even though the shop is super cool!
  • Great Gear
    Dillon Lane knows how to rock these styles on and off the set!
  • Budding Board Shorts
    Kelly would look super cute in these flower prints with that pink board of hers!
  • Rip Town Surf
    Which of these sweet boards do you think Bucket and Skinner would choose?
  • Kickin' Back
    The cast can chill out with the wonderful wave wall art whenever they want!
  • Palm Tree Paradise
    The building's blue, there's a beautiful view...It's all too good to be true!