'90s Throwback Fashion photo album

  • Let's go back to where it all began. A diaper and a cute t-shirt was all you needed, and Tommy made it look good!
  • Jumpers are totally making a comeback, but let's not forget which era made them cool. Go, Alex! Answer that phone in style!
  • We're here for Roger's leather jacket and nothing else!
  • Remember when rocking a fresh windbreaker sweat suit made you the flyest guy in town?
  • Amanda's geared up in a classic beret hat and patterned cardigan, and Danny's holding it down in a double-breasted sweater jacket. Can you handle the perfection?
  • Jamie, Gerald's older brother, oozed coolness in this jacket with the sleeves cut. The question is: Did he cut the sleeves off himself, or did he buy them that way?
  • Colors and patterns, galore! Clarissa defined '90s fashion in every way possible. Need we say more?
  • Country western-chic at its best. "Hey, Dude?" More like, "Hey, Cool!"
  • Back then, neon was more than just a word. It was a lifestyle. Oh, and peep the hair scrunchie on our friend in pink.
  • You weren't cool if you didn't wear your hat backwards. The kids of "Are Your Afraid of the Dark" taught us that!