A Whole New Degrassi: Selfies photo album

  • "I'm the luckiest guy on earth! Somehow I got the most gorgeous girlfriend I could dream of." Adam
  • "I met the guy of my dreams...now what??" Alli
  • "It's not like I asked to be surrounded by hot guys all summer! What could happen?" Becky
  • "I never do anything halfway." Clare
  • "I have created an algorithm for an optimally romantic time." Connor
  • "I love the ladies and they sure love me." Dallas
  • "There's no problem I can't solve...with a party!" Drew
  • "You said we weren't a fairytale...I came to prove you wrong." Eli
  • "Me: great, fantastic, artsy, and the most creative cat you've ever met ever!" Imogen
  • "I've got great people in my life right now--and one awesome guy in particular." Jenna
  • "They think I'm so boring...I'm not the girl they think I am." Maya
  • "I get whatever I want." Miles
  • "I'm nothing, if not dramatic." Tristan
  • "I used to be invisible, but this year I'm gonna be the big man on campus." Winston
  • "This sweet little new girl wants to be your new best friend! They're not gonna know what hit them." Zoe