Degrassi' Season 13 Fashion Show photo album

  • Check out that awesome silver dress. We love the patterns!
  • Strapless in a snap.
  • Snip snip, Imogen. Snip snip.
  • One man's trash... Right, Imogen?
  • Don't fret, Zoe. We're loving this new look!
  • Frankie wasn't going to let her cup dress get in the way of laying a big one on Winston!
  • Stomping the runway in red. Go, Keisha!
  • She's fierce. She's fun. She's... absorbent?
  • A flavorful snack or a haute couture ensemble? You pick!
  • Frankie's not afraid to smile on the runway!
  • Peep the garbage bag dress behind Imogen. It's fashion week at Degrassi.
  • And that's a wrap folks!