Degrassi Photos: "The World I Know" photo album

  • Allie's heartbroken as she learns Leo will be deported before her birthday.
  • Allie shocks her friends by ditching school to be with Leo (it was chemistry class)
  • Maya learns her detention partner is no other than her old flame, Zig.
  • Tristan comforts Maya between classes.
  • Although Maya might not be thrilled to work with Zig, he doesn't look so bummed.
  • Clare and Jenna make Allie birthday cupcakes.
  • Allie begs Leo to take his last day off and spend it with her.
  • Clare seems concerned over Allie's plans.
  • Here comes the bride!
  • Alli and Leo prepare to enter the courthouse to get married.
  • Newlyweds Alli and Leo share a kiss.
  • Alli tries to calm Leo down after he learns she cannot live with him.
  • Drew gets ready to confront Clare about their kiss.
  • Drew tries to 'let Clare down easy' only to be let down himself.
  • Sorry Drew, Clare never felt that way.