Degrassi Photos: "Dig Me Out" photo album

  • Imogen gets reprimanded for going to class without a bra on.
  • Luke pokes fun at Imogen during her presentation.
  • Imogen disagrees with the school dress codes.
  • Connor tries to make Alli see that she needs more than one hand to do her chemistry project.
  • Drew and Zoe parade their new romance in front of Clare.
  • Zoe shows off her new 'boyfriend,' Drew, as Miles's party.
  • Alli tries to salvage her project just when things seem to fall apart.
  • Imogen takes her anger to Degrassi TV.
  • Principal Simpson confronts Imogen about Degrassi TV's latest news broadcast.
  • Dallas teases Drew about his new 'relationship' with Zoe.
  • Imogen shares her plans to fight 'The Man.'
  • Zoe fears the worst when Drew says they need to "talk."
  • Drew gets some shocking news from Zoe.