Degrassi Photos: "Power to the People" photo album

  • Zoe intrudes on Drew's internship.
  • Principal Simpson is not too happy with Imogen's dress code supporters.
  • Imogen makes a point to 'cover up' while at school.
  • Jenna gets fired as Alli's lab assistant.
  • Clare finds it hard to believe that Drew successfully broke it off with Zoe.
  • Imogen gets the chance to put her stamp on the school dress code.
  • Drew tries (again) to break up with Zoe.
  • Imogen and Becky review the school's dress code for needed changes in wording.
  • Alli realizes her new lab partner, Dallas, isn't as bad as she thought.
  • Zoe's mom has some very choice words for Drew.
  • Drew scrapes off Zoe's vandalized locker.