Degrassi Photos: "Basket Case" photo album

  • Clare fantasizes about Drew in a dream.
  • Frustrated by the way his dad treats him, Miles plans to throw a huge party.
  • Drew drops Clare home after she helps him out with his internship.
  • Dallas calls his son, Rocky, to help him calm down. "Sometimes, I just need to hear your voice."
  • Maya is not happy with Miles when she finds out about his party.
  • MIles lashes out at Maya when she suggests he calls off his party.
  • Zoe talks and teases an upset Miles during his party.
  • Dallas confronts Leo so Alli can speak her peace.
  • Alli stands up to Leo and explains the pain he put her through.
  • Drew is furious at Miles for disobeying his father and throwing a party behind his back.
  • Dallas comforts Alli after she faced Leo.