Degrassi Photos: "Close to Me" photo album

  • Zig makes himself at home while living with the Matlins.
  • A bunch of 'niners' crowd Connor for help with math, or so they say.
  • Imogen, Jack, and Becky work on their class project.
  • Tristan and Zoe joke with Maya about her boy troubles.
  • Maya gets ready to leave for the semiformal.
  • Zig and crew decide to show up to the dance.
  • Becky confesses that she just wants to be friends with Imogen.
  • Jenna suffers from a wardrobe malfunction, just as she is crowned queen.
  • Say hello to this year's queen of the Sweethearts Semiformal.
  • Zig and Miles try to play nice.
  • Mr. Perino and the police demand to inspect Zig's locker after receiving reports that there are drugs in there.
  • Connor brings Jenna a shirt to cover up with after her dress straps break.