Degrassi Photos: "Army of Me" photo album

  • Drew and Clare go over student council tasks.
  • Clare is shocked to hear that people think her and Drew are an item.
  • Dallas tries on some new shades at the mall.
  • Dallas and Alli hide under a table after an explosion at the mall.
  • Clare takes a photo of Drew for his online dating profile.
  • Dallas gets separated for questioning after the mall explosion.
  • Becky and Imogen get distracted by Clare's phone.
  • Imogen gives Clare advice on how to deal with her crush on Drew.
  • Zoe and Mr. Yates discuss The Playwriting Collective.
  • Tristan begs Zoe to spill details on the location of The Playwriting Collective.
  • Mr. Yates tells Tristan he didn't invite him to The Playwright Collective because he wanted Tristan to prove himself.
  • Dallas and Connor are pulled over by police while on their way to the science fair.