Degrassi Photos: "Everything is Everything" photo album

  • Dallas and Connor wait at the police station.
  • Drew shows off his 'Anchorman' t-shirt to Eden.
  • Dallas and the science fair judge get off to a rocky start.
  • Tristan plays teacher's pet at the Playwriting Collective (to Zoe's displeasure).
  • Clare opens up to Drew about her mixed feelings for him.
  • Drew confronts Clare after she ruins his chances with Eden.
  • Tristan sulks after Mr. Yates criticizes his work.
  • Mr. Bhandari opens up to Dallas about a time when he was racially profiled.
  • Drew breaks things off with Eden because of his feelings for Clare.
  • Alli wins first place at the science fair.
  • Alli and Dallas seal their new relationship with a kiss.