Degrassi Photos: "Sparks Will Fly" Part 1 photo album

  • Tristan shows Maya where his loyalties lie.
  • Tristan, Miles, and Zig practice their song for 'Wild Wild West Night.'
  • Maya tries to return Miles' gift.
  • Clare is disappointed to hear that Eli can't make it to 'Wild Wild West Night.'
  • Alli doubts that Zoe is right for the Bright Sparks championship quiz team.
  • Maya fears she may hurt Zig's feelings if she rejects him.
  • Zig opens up to Maya about his feelings for her while Miles watches.
  • Zoe auditions for a role in the new Brett Barnett film.
  • Clare struggles with her feelings for Drew.
  • Clare breaks up with Eli over voicemail.
  • Zoe finds her groove on the Bright Sparks quiz team.
  • Zig watches Maya rehearse for the Wild Wild West Night.