Degrassi Photos: "Sparks Will Fly" Part 2 photo album

  • Alli brings Clare her Breakup Support Kit, which is filled with ice cream.
  • Clare tells Drew she broke up with Eli.
  • Drew invites Clare to help him get decorations from the props room.
  • Frankie encourages Zoe to try and change the fate of her character in the new Brett Barnett film.
  • Maya is concerned about Zig after she admits that she is still dating Miles.
  • Clare and Drew finally give in to their feelings for one another.
  • Zoe gets excited when she thinks the director is going to change the script.
  • Things get physical between Zig and Miles.
  • Zoe's mom decides to support her decision to drop out of Brett Barnett's film.
  • Tristan and Maya are shocked after seeing Miles' outburst towards Zig.