Degrassi Photos: "Hypnotize" photo album

  • Maya catches Tristan blushing as Mr. Yates enters the classroom.
  • Becky takes a look at Imogen's designs… of Jack.
  • Tristan asks Mr. Yates for help with his emcee gig for the fashion show.
  • Frankie, Zoe and Keisha can't wait to find out if they were chosen to be models in the fashion show.
  • Imogen can't stop smiling when she sees Jack dance for the first time.
  • Tristan meets Mr. Yates back at his apartment for some "extra help."
  • Jack is happy Imogen came to watch her dance.
  • Tristan asks Zig for some dating advice.
  • Frankie asks Becky for a second chance at being a model.
  • Mr. Yates tell Tristan he's too immature to handle their special relationship.