Degrassi Photos: "Out of My Head" photo album

  • Tristan finds a secret note in his locker.
  • Tristan meets Mr. Yates in the supply closet before class.
  • Maya questions Tristan's intentions with Mr. Yates.
  • Questioning her original clothing designs, Imogen decides to take a different approach.
  • Becky gets angry with Imogen for ruining the dresses right before the fashion show.
  • Zoe, Frankie and Keisha confront Becky about their new wardrobe assignments.
  • Frankie kisses Winston after she learns the real reason why she wasn't picked to be a model.
  • Mr. Yates tells Tristan they can't see each other anymore.
  • Imogen takes over Tristan's role as emcee of the fashion show.
  • Jack tells Imogen that she loved her original designs.
  • Tristan yells at Maya for telling Mr. Simpson about his secret love affair with Mr. Yates.